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Farm In The City - 15 Mins from Putrajaya

putrajaya attractions
Farm In The City @ Sri Kembangan

farm city
Farm In The City - Admission prices 

During the long year end / new year break 2012/2103, we decided to just do a staycation at Putrajaya with the kids. (Turns out to be not so brainy an idea due to a lot of reasons but the kids enjoyed themselves while the parents pretty much suffocated from boredom). One of the highlights of our Putrajaya trip is a visit to Farm in The City @ Sri Kembangan. It is not in Putrajaya, but very close at about 15 minutes drive. I first got to know about this place through Groupon Malaysia but I saw that they also put up a not-so-noticeable banner at one of the shops at Alamanda Shopping Centre @ Putrajaya.

Farm In The City - The Aviary

kuala lumpur kids activities
Farm In The City - Watching the ducks swimming as my kids are scared of the peacock

farm in the city
Feeding the smaller birds at The Aviary cos the larger birds were being fed by other people.

petting zoo kuala lumpur
World's rarest white crow.. as per the sign at Farm In The City

We chose to go to Farm In The City as our kids are really fond of animals but I don't think Putrajaya Wetlands would suit our needs so we headed out to Sri Kembangan. We weren't really expecting anything world-class since it is not in KL City nor Putrajaya itself, so we assumed that the target audience are the locals spending time with their kids during the weekends or even field trips from nearby schools. But be warned that the price is on the high side for tourists, not sure if you would think that it's worth it. For ourselves though they gave us a family package price of RM99 for 2 adults and 2 kids ( one 4 year old and another 2 year old) not sure if we actually had to pay for the younger kid as it was my hubby who purchased the tickets.

kuala lumpur farm
My nearly 3 yo boy with a giant tortoise which he refused to feed.. hmph..

farm in the city sri kembangan
My 4 year old was trying to feed the brown deer when the more spirited goat came into the picture and scared my son away.. haha..

We were pleasantly surprised with the variety of animals at the petting zoo and the fact that you can feed most of the animals there. There are different types of turtles and tortoise, a bird aviary, snakes, goats, deers, kancil, a world's smallest kangaroo (not sure what kind), a buffalo, lots of chicken, fishes, ducks and swans, marmoset, ponies among others. Enough to keep the kids entertained for an hour or two! They also have a fruits and vegetable farm where you can see Rambutan trees, Banana trees, Mangosteen Trees, Tapioca trees,  kacang botol, kacang panjang and others but the fruit and vegetable farm still needs some time to mature cos most of them weren't fruiting when we were there. It will be nice once everything has matured and blooming :)

Farm city
My nearly 3 yo boy feeding the buffalo @ Farm in The City

kuala lumpur for kids
My 4 yo petting a small horse :) This is like a major achievement for a scaredy boy like him..

kids fishing
Farm In The City's Rabbits feeding area and longkang fishing

petting zoo
Err.. I think those are rabbits right?

Be warned that it is super hot though there.. we were sweating like mad and the car park is not sheltered too.. its just an open space with no shade what so ever. After the trip to Farm In The City, we headed to the nearby Giant Supermarket for air con relief and let the kids play the playground for a bit. Then it's time to head back to the hotel for rest.

farm in the city serdang
Farm In The City - Kancil, you can feed her if you want to..

city farm
Supposedly the world's smallest kangaroo@ Farm In The City

farm in the city
Other animals @ Farm In The City

farm in the city
Look a Dragon! I am not sure if you can feed it though..

Farm in The City Opening Hours Are:

Mon: 10.00am - 6.00pm
Tue: Closed
Wed - Fri : 10.00am - 6.00pm
Sat & Sun: 9.30am - 6.00pm

Map of Farm In The City:

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