Thursday, January 3, 2013

Indoor Playground Singapore : Hockey Pockey @ Suntec

Indoor playgrounds are everywhere in Singapore given the hot / rainy weather, and make perfect sense for lazy parents like me who dislike sweating in the heat. Though logically, I know that fresh air is much healthier for the kids :p 

Scouting for new indoor playgrounds in Singapore is like an adventure by itself. The kids love going to each new places though sometimes they like one so much that they keep asking to go to that particular one everyday. 

indoor play area singapore
Kids Play Singapore @ Hockey Pockey; Suntec City

We decided to check out the indoor playground at Suntec City cos we thought it would be convenient for us to eat afterwards and maybe catch a movie. Since it had been super duper long since our last visit to Suntec City we thought we could also take turns sneaking in a spot of shopping while the kids play too. (Apparently, shopping is a bit dead at Suntec City Tower 1 hmm... so we were kind of bored waiting for the kids to be done and over with the indoor playground).

Hockey Pockey indoor playground at Suntec City is located in between Tower 1 and Tower 2, if you are parking your car, the yellow area R46 Jaguar @ B1 is the nearest parking area for you to access Hockey Pockey.

singapore children playground
Kids Play Singapore @ Hockey Pockey Suntec City

children play singapore
Kids Play Singapore @ Hockey Pockey Suntec City

This indoor playground is different from other indoor playgrounds as it doesn't really emphasize on the slides, ball pits, swings and obstacle course though there is one high slide that leads into a ball pit and two smaller slides suitable for toddlers (think step 2 playhouses). Rather, this indoor play land focus more on providing different types of toys for kids, from playing cooking at the kitchen to playing "mother" to dolls, or even pretending to be knights protecting a castle, my kids were enjoying themselves so much, they did not even look for us.

kids fun in singapore
Kids Play Singapore  @ Hockey Pockey Suntec City

kids fun in singapore
Kids Play Singapore @ Hockey Pockey

There is a shelf-load of different sort of toys for babies and toddlers and an assortment of musical instruments at another corner of the play land. There is also some puzzles and a quiet nook for reading books. I also like the fact that the staff are actively putting back toys at its place once the kids are done playing with it so that other kids can easily find the toys when they want to have a turn.

Seating for parents are quite limited, drinks are available for purchase (though just around the area are a few f&b outlets), no in-house toilets and Suntec toilets can be quite crowded, and baby changing station is small and offers no privacy.

Note that Hockey Pockey do not offer a "drop and shop" service so one adult must accompany the child at all times, Hockey Pockey also limit free entrance to one adult for each paying child and each additional adult is at $5 (subject to space availability).

singapore indoor playground
Kids Fun in Singapore @ Hockey Pockey Suntec City

singapore children playground
A reading nook @ Hockey Pockey Suntec City

The first day that we went to Hockey Pockey was a Sunday so the kids get only 2 hours of play and were screaming when we told them that our time is up. The next day, they kept asking for Hockey Pockey that we thought since it was raining and we seldom go back to Singapore nowadays, we will just accede to their request this time. As it was a Monday, we were pleasantly surprised that the same admission price allows us to stay till the Hockey Pockey closes. The kids played for nearly 3 hours and then something went wrong with the lights and it went dark for 3x (all for less than 20s for each period of darkness) We and a lot of other parents quickly took that opportunity to drag the kids out else they will not want to budge from the place willingly! Will we go to Hockey Pockey again? Yes! Definitely! Heck if we are staying in Singapore, I would even sign up for the membership but sadly we are not.. Now, if only Suntec revamps its tenants lists so that shopping there would be more exciting.. or errmm.. how about Hockey Pockey shifts to Marina Square? now that would really make me n hubby happy.. at least 2-3 hours of shopping without the kids! That will be awesome :)

Hokey Pockey Admission price is :

Weekday : $15 per entry (member) $25 per entry (non-member)
Weekends & PH : $15 for 2 hours of play (member) $25 for 2 hours of play (non-member)
Additional 1 hour is $6 (member) $8 (non-member)
Show your Baby Bonus ATM card to receive a 10% discount (non-member)
Membership : $50 per annum

Hockey Pockey Opening Hours:

Sun - Thu : 10.00 am - 7.00pm    
Fri & Sat : 10.00am - 9.00pm

Hockey Pockey indoor playground is at :

3 Temasek Boulevard
#03-027E/F Suntec City Mall
Singapore 038983

Tel: +6568845385