Monday, January 28, 2013

Dinner @ Putrajaya Seafood Restaurant

putrajaya lakeside restaurant
Putrajaya Seafood Restaurant @ Putrajaya Botanical Gardens

While on holiday in Putrajaya last December, we mostly ate at Alamanda Shopping Centre since it is convenient with loads of familiar restaurant such as TGIF, Bumbu Desa, Pizza Hut and also a food court among others. 

But, we did want to try a restaurant that is special to Putrajaya and after a few searches, it seems like Putrajaya Seafood Restaurant at the Botanical Gardens is the most popular over there. We popped in the restaurant for lunch at just after 2.30pm and was told that their lunch hour ends at 2.30pm while dinner starts at 6.30pm. So, we decided to come back later for dinner.

We came back for dinner at 7.00pm the same day, the road leading to the restaurant is dark, if you have never been there before before sunset, I think it will be very difficult for you to find it on your own after sunset. There is no area for you to perform your prayer, so hubby had to go back to the Putrajaya Botanical Gardens Visitor Information Centre to pray at the deserted surau there. 

We ordered black pepper udon (for my noodle crazy first born), crispy fried soft shell crabs, butter prawns and kang kung belacan. We also ordered tom yam but I think the waiter forgot about it and it wasn't served. 

Food was nice and palatable. I like the black pepper udon, the serving is huge, black pepper is not too overpowering and there were some seafood such as squids and prawns thrown it. 

Putrajaya Seafood Restaurant : Black Pepper Udon

Butter prawn was also nice though they weren't tiger prawns but at the very least they certainly weren't farm bred tasteless prawns.

restaurant in putrajaya
Putrajaya Seafood Restaurant: Butter Prawn

The most memorable dish for that night was the crispy fried soft shell crabs. Super delicious! Spicy, crunchy and sweet! Yummy.. hubby had to grudgingly set side some for me. (Thank goodness I ordered more prawns for him to compensate)

restaurant at putrajaya
Putrajaya Seafood Restaurant : Crispy Fried Soft Shell Crabs

Kangkung belacan also has a huge serving and while I don't recall anything negative about it, it wasn''t outstanding either. 

putrajaya restaurant
Putrajaya Seafood Restaurant: Kangkung Belacan

Drinks and dessert selection is quite limited. Actually, so does the food menu, but they did a good job with what they offer anyway. 

Ambience is nice but I don't think I would choose to sit alfresco at night unless I have slabbed my entire body with mosquito repellent. 

All in all, a nice place with nice food though on the pricey side.