Tuesday, January 8, 2013

S.E.A Aquarium Sentosa

oceanarium singapore
Singapore Kids Attraction: S.E.A  Aquarium @ Resort World Sentosa

places for kids in singapore
Things to do with kids Singapore - The Sentosa Aquarium NOT Underwaterworld

Move over Underwater World Singapore, the new aquarium at Resort World Sentosa is becoming one of the more popular attractions for kids in Singapore. Hyped to be the world's largest oceanarium, you, of course come in waiting to be impressed.

Though S.E.A Marine Life Park is much bigger and definitely better (in some ways) than the old Underwater World,  it is still relatively new and still actively adding new aquatic life. At the time that we visited the Sentosa Aquarium (24th Dec 2012) the sharks are still relatively small in number and size and I recall seeing only 1 or 2 rays (and they are not even giant manta rays) but the variety of other colorful fishes, the colorful corals, starfishes, many types of jellyfishes ( I saw at least 4 types of jellyfishes that I have never seen before)  and the informative signs makes the visit so much fun with my 5 year old, he eagerly stop at each fish viewing area and try to spot which fish is which from the signage. While my 3 year old love standing face to face with the tanks pretending to "catch" the school of fish swimming past.

singapore aquarium
Singapore Kids Attraction: SEA Aquarium - There are a number of this tanks in the Aquarium

oceanarium sentosa
Starfishes @ S.E.A  Aquarium Singapore

If you thought that Aquaria @ KLCC has big fish tanks, wait till you see the Sentosa Aquarium. They have cleverly dispersed large fish tanks and vewing areas at different area of the Marine Life Park so that you won't find people crowding only at one area taking pictures :) But, of course Marine Life Park does not display otters, water rats, caiman, spiders, frogs, snakes and what nots like Aquaria@KLCC. At the time of our visit, I only recall seeing fishes (tropical, sharks, rays), spider crabs, jellyfishes and starfishes. I am not sure if they will add other types of sea life in the future. If you are looking for dolphins, you won't find them at  S.E.A Aquarium, rather you will find them at Underwater World Singapore @ the dolphin lagoon (show is usually at 4pm).

fun for kids singapore
Spider Crabs @ Sentosa Aquarium

Our visit to S.E.A Aquarium @ Sentosa was on the Christmas eve and we were expecting a big crowd. We ate our late brunch at Seah Im Food Centre @ Harbourfront Bus Interchage and then headed for Sentosa. It didn't occur to me to search for where the Aquarium is at Sentosa as I thought that there will be adequate signs but apparently not. So, I called up the hotline and was told that it is just beside the USS globe. S.E.A Aquarium shares the same entry to Maritime Experiential Museum and we bought ourselves a package. Turns out we shouldn't have cos: 

A - my kids have no interest in the exhibits 
B - it was difficult to take your time to look and see as it was crowded and most people just want to get to S.E.A Aquarium as fast as they could. 

singapore aquarium
Look at all the jellyfishes!

sea aquarium singapore
Another type of jellyfish!

singapore fish aquarium
And another!

If I am ever going to the aquarium again, I think I will buy the tickets online, though it's a bit of a hassle to print it before hand, wish they would have a ticket printing kiosk on-site in the future. Now, that would really facilitate cutting down the number of people queuing :)

It was a nice place to spend with my kids out and away from the hot weather :) Maybe next time we will try The Adventure Cove.