Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Free Outdoor Playground @ Suntec City ; Sky Garden

We were checking out Hockey Pockey indoor playground @ Suntec City and afterwards went to Toys R Us at MPG Suntec for the kids to pick up some toys. At the end of the row of shops, was the Sky Garden and we popped out for a quick look. The kids didn't really play cos it was raining before so the playground was a bit wet. But, if you are around the area, this could come in handy to entertain the kids for a bit. 

suntec playground
Suntec City Playground @ Sky Garden

The Sky Garden offers nothing much do, more like a place for smokers to get a quick smoke, which I don't really like cos I dislike having to explain to my kids what is that smoke coming out from the people's mouths. I do believe that if Suntec Management intends to dedicate the space for kids and families, they should make it a smoke free zone, but that is just my opinion :)