Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Marriott Putrajaya Review - What A Disappointment!

When we opted for a staycation at Putrajaya instead of going for a holiday during the peak Christmas + year end period last December, all we had in our mind was a relaxing stay in a hotel where the kids will be entertained and we don't have to step out of the hotel. We chose Marriott Putrajaya over Pullman mainly because of the pool and Kiddies' World pictures on their website. 

We should have known better and go with Tripadvisors' ratings sigh.. while the pool was true to the pics, the Kiddies World is quite sad. The toys are very limited and the slide is small suitable for maybe 2-3 years old only. There is nothing much there that can even entertain the kids past 20 minutes. The library have some musty smell and even the book are not interesting. There are some PS3's but I am not sure what games are available. Even worse, the place closes at 7pm daily. Heh? How am I going to entertain the kids in a dead pace like Putrajaya in the evenings then? Total disappointment!

The room that we got was at the executive level so we had access to the executive lounge for drinks and hors d'oeuvre in the evenings and continental breakfast in the mornings.  The selection was limited and uninspiring. For breakfast, you are better off eating at the buffet breakfast downstairs.

Our room faced the golf course and this was our balcony and view:

putrajaya marriott review
Marriott Putrajaya dismal room balcony at the Executive Level

hotel marriot putrajaya
The "beautiful' scenery of the hotel grounds from our room.

resort ioi marriot review
The  "Golf Course" scenery from our room @ Marriott Putrajaya

The hotel room's furniture was dated, the couch was rock hard and has a sunken spot and the indoor plants that was supposed to decorate the room did not enhance the room's aesthetics. The only consolation was the toilet which while not awesome , at least was acceptably pleasing to the eyes. 

putrajaya mariott hotel review
Marriott Putrajaya's room

ioi marriott hotel review
Dated furniture at Putrajaya Marriott Hotel

putrajaya marriott hotel review
The cluttered snack bar @ Marriott Putrajaya

putrajaya marriott
The only consolation - an acceptable bathroom
Marriott Putraaya Bathroom

It was a waste of money staying there. We were better off staying at home but the kids enjoyed the holiday and as parents that was most important. Will we return again? A resounding "no".