Thursday, January 31, 2013

Malay Food Restaurant : Serai @ Paradigm Mall

malaysian food restaurant kuala lumpur
"Serai"  A Midscale Malay Cuisine Restaurant  at Paradigm Mall

Last Sunday, we wanted to go to a mall that isn't too crowded and has an indoor playground. Usually, we will head to Tropicana Shopping Mall but we decided to go to Paradigm Mall instead to see if the Jkids indoor playground there is bigger and better (the place is bigger but it has the same set up as Tropicana's Jkids, the only thing bigger is the ball pit. The extra space is utilised for bigger kids party area and a small "cafe". Bummer..)

best food kuala lumpur
The set up @ Serai - A Malaysian Food Restaurant in Kuala Lumpur

We chanced upon a malay restaurant called Serai at Paradigm Mall and decided to give it a try. Serai is a midscale malay cuisine restaurant with a clean modern setting that reminds me of a cross between Ikea and Scanteak. I like the simple interior of the restaurant, seems like a nice place for a business lunch or for bringing tourist friends to experience Malay Food without sweating in hot "warungs" or noisy food courts. Service is prompt and friendly. Food selection was quite ok. 

We ordered:

malay restaurant kuala lumpur
Malay Food Restaurant @ Serai : Serai Platter

Hubby ordered Serai Platter which is lemongrass infused rice with fried chicken, beef rendang, squids in sweet sauce and acar (cucumber and carrots salad). Hubby said the taste is just average.

fine dining restaurant in kuala lumpur
Malay Food Restaurant @ Serai : Nasi Kerabu

I ordered Nasi Kerabu, a traditional Kelantanese dish, plain rice that gets its blue color from the leaves of the Noni fruit. It is served with Ayam Percik (grilled chicken), salted egg, fish crackers,serunding (grated coconut) sambal chili, ulam (traditional salad) and a spicy and creamy gravy. The flavour of the Nasi Kerabu comes from the mixture of serunding, gravy, sambal and ulam.. yummy! Word of caution, the sambal chili here is super hot!

malay food restaurant
Malay Cuisine Restaurant in KL:@ Serai: Satay Platter

The satay @ Serai restaurant are big chunks of meat with no fat. Very nice to eat, the marinade may not be as sinfully strong as other satays (maybe because of the super chunky meat) but goes well with the satay gravy and the cucumber cuts are also generous and crunchy while the nasi himpit (the cubed rice in the pic) is firm and not soggy.

malay restaurant kuala lumpur
Malay Restaurant Kuala Lumpur @ Serai : Crispy fried brinjals

We first tasted cripy fried brinjals @ Khatijah's Kitchen and though we really liked it, we haven't found any other restaurants that served it. Serai offers this dish but it is different from Khatijah's Kitchen's version. It is quite nice but a bit sweet, I think they coat the brinjals with sugar. This dish tasted crunchy, spicy and sweet. I would prefer it not to be sweet though.

Our Dessert (ok hari tu mood makan besar) :

malaysian food restaurant
Malay Traditional Dessert With a Modern Twist @ Serai

Hubby ordered banana fritters with pandan infused syrup and vanilla ice cream. Bananas were crispy on the outside, tender on the inside (I personally think the bananas are slightly under ripe) the bananas by itself are a bit lacking in flavour but tasted pretty good with the syrup and especially nice with the ice cream. 

serai restaurant
Pavlova @ Serai 

I decided to try a Pavlova (the first time in my sweet-toothed life) having seen pictures of it many times but never really seen one right in front of my eyes haha.. Didn't know that it is actually a meringue (something like macaroon) and stuffed with nothing but cream and fruits on top. Argh.. super fattening, I immediately regretted ordering it. Not my style! Give me a chocolate fudge anytime, that's worth the calories to me. 

Our drinks @ Serai : Iced chocolate & Iced Lemon Tea

Our drinks, iced tea for the kids (normal) iced chocolate (supposedly for me but hubby finished it up) the warm water requested by hubby came in a small glass and also finished up by my kiddo. Sigh.. walked out of the restaurant super full but thirsty especially after the Pavlova.. 

Serai Restaurant.. nice food.. nice ambience.. definitely the halal restaurant to go to if you are around Paradigm Mall area. Next time, I won't be such a glutton :)

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