Monday, March 4, 2013

Marriott Putrajaya Kids Club

Hmm.. this is a continuation of my "Holiday in Putrajaya With Kids" string of posts last December, I actually wanted to put this in but couldn't find the pictures. Only saw this morning while I was going through my mobile gallery looking at pictures I took last weekend :) 

So here are the real shots of Marriott Putrajaya Kids Club not the "official" shot from the hotel. It was disappointing for me due to a number of reasons:

1- the lighting was quite dim, dampening the mood a bit.

2- the kitchen play area could have been interesting for the kids had there been sufficient toy cooking utensils and cutleries and food. All my kids could find were 1 tiny plate, 1 hot dog and 1 bun (i think)

holiday in putrajaya with kids

3- the ball pit was only big enough for babies and there were so little balls that any 1 year old would be screaming to get out of it after 5 minutes. 

putrajaya marriott
see the colorful barrier? That's the ball pit with a few balls strewn inside not enough to even cover the whole  ground

4-the slide is suitable for 3 years and below. 

marriott putrajaya
sorry slide is on the other side, but about the length of this steps.

5- the library while spacious, smells musty and the book selection was uninteresting. 

ioi resort putrajaya

marriott putrajaya hotel
the only books at the library @ Marriott Kids Club

So, if you are choosing to stay at Marriott because you have kids and think that they will enjoy the kids club, well don't count on it if your kids is aged 5 and above. It might entertain your 4 and under for 20-40 minutes depending on their level of imagination. If not they are better of enjoying the swimming pool.