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Indoor Playground Singapore: Tickle Tickle @ Delta Sports Hall

indoor play area singapore
Tickle Tickle Indoor Playground @ Delta Sports Hall

Last Saturday on our short trip back to Singapore for the long Christmas break, we decided to check out a recently opened indoor playground at Tiong Bahru called Tickle Tickle. Tickle Tickle indoor playground actually has two branches, one at Delta Sports Hall (not Delta Swimming Complex) and another at Hougang Sports Hall. Even though the indoor playground at Hougang is nearer to our place, we decided to check out the indoor playground at Tiong Bahru as it is supposed to be "bigger" than the indoor playground at Hougang. 

My first impression when the taxi driver dropped me off at Delta Sports Complex was "Did I get the address wrong?" A second check confirms the address and when I headed to the main entrance of Delta Sports Hall,  Tickle Tickle indoor playground's entrance is the first door that I saw (signage is not very prominent though).

kids play singapore
One of the kiddy rides at Tickle Tickle indoor playground

singapore children playground
The trampoline that fits only one @ Tickle Tickle indoor playground

My second impression when I entered Tickle Tickle indoor playground was "This is it?" Tickle Tickle indoor playground makes even KidzGo at Tampines One and Jumperzillas at Marina Bay Sands look "spacious". Tickle Tickle has a very limited 2 storey obstacle course that I doubt it can even be called an obstacle course. There is one slide , one tiny ball pit and one pendulum swing as you can see from the picture below. 

singapore children playground
Tickle Tickle's tiny obstacle course

indoor play area singapore
Tickle Tickle indoor playground's super small ball pit

The saviour of Tickle Tickle comes from its wide range of wooden and plastic toys available at 4 stations called : "The Bakery, The Repair Shop, The Supermarket and My House". There is also a wooden doll house at the centre of the indoor playground which my kiddo tinkered around for a bit and a wooden train tracks at the other corner of Tickle Tickle that kept getting broken as the small kids play with it since it isn't glued together. These toys made the kids sit down in one corner not disturbing the other kids thus enabling Tickle Tickle to accommodate a number of kids despite its small area as the kids are not running around bumping into each other. 

singapore children playground
This is 3/4 of Tickle Tickle indoor playground @ Delta Sports Complex
The damper comes from the regular kids who likes to camp in one station and claim all the wooden toys from the other station as theirs. So, during the first one and a half hour my 4 year old was playing with one toy car at The Repair Shop while my 2.5 year old played with a slice of pizza at The Bakery. It was a bit disappointing for me but my kids didn't seem bothered. After a short detour to the wooden train tracks that my kids didn't really enjoy since the tracks kept getting broken, we found most of the missing wooden toys back at The Bakery and my kids had fun playing cooking and serving ice creams, cupcakes and pies :)

kids play singapore
My 4 year old playing with a toy car @ The Repair Shop

children play singapore

My kids spent nearly 3 hours there and they still had to be dragged out. I was half bored to death since seating areas are limited and there are no reading materials for parents. Sandwiches (limited) and drinks are available for purchase at the indoor playground but I don't recall seeing any baby changing station. I would say that it is best to go to Tickle Tickle after your kids are full and have done their big business before hand. 

indoor play area singapore
Tickle Tickle indoor playground @ The Bakery Station

singapore children playground

Will I go again? I don't think so, I don't think it's worth the distance plus getting a taxi was a pain. But the admission price is pretty cheap compared to other indoor playgrounds. 

Admission price for Tickle Tickle indoor playground are as such:

Current Price : (Daily) $12 per entry
POPULAR members enjoy $1 off.

Price w.e.f. 1 Jan 2013:
Weekdays : $12 per entry
Weekends & PH : $14 per entry
POPULAR members enjoy $1 off (until 31 Mar 2013)

Night Play (last business hours daily): 
Current Price : $6
Price w.e.f 1 Jan 2013: $7

VIP Membership: $288 per year (current price) $329 per year (w.e.f. 1 Jan 2013).

Tickle Tickle indoor playground's operating hours:
10 am - 7.30pm

Tickle Tickle indoor playground is at:
Delta Sports Complex,
900 Tiong Bahru Road,
Singapore 158790

Map of Tickle Tickle:

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