Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Singapore Kids Attraction: Central Fire Station

Central Fire Station Singapore

A friend of mine brought to my attention regarding Central Fire Station open house every Saturday 9:00am - 11:00am and thought it would be nice to bring our kids there together. Unfortunately, we seldom get to go back Singapore on a Saturday nowadays and even if we are in Singapore on a Saturday the timing is really tight for us to make it with two small late riser kids. 

Civil Defense Heritage Gallery at Central Fire Station

So, during my last trip back to Singapore, I brought my kids together with my 5 year old cousin to the Central Fire Station located at 62 Hill Street (nearest MRT Station is City Hall) which is directly opposite Funan Digital Mall and if you park there, there is a covered overhead bridge (accessible from Level 2) connecting Funan Mall to the other side of the road where Central Fire Station is

We reached the Central Fire Station at noon, which means we missed the fire station open house and my kids didn't get the chance to see how the fire fighters respond during an emergency or try to sit on the Red Rhino but the Civil Defence Heritage Gallery was entertaining interactive and educational enough for us. 

Fire fighter helmets on display

I love the display of the vintage fire fighters helmets near the entrance, and the kids were quite excited looking at the old fire engines, from horse powered ones to the modern ones, we even got to sit in one of the modern fire engines used in Singapore.

Singapore Kids
Horse-drawn fire engine

Look at the taaalll ladder!

The visit was important to me as my 4 year old was learning about occupation at his kindergarten that week and one of the occupation he was learning was a Fireman, with this visit, he had a clear view of what is a fire engine, fire hydrant, fire extinguishers, what does a fireman has to wear to protect himself and what are the things that a fire fighter do when saving the public. 

My kids pretending to be firemen

This is so classic!

I love the fact that through the exhibits I can explain to my child how people can get trapped when a fire occurs, and how fire fighters uses a thermal camera and dogs to find people in rubbles, how people can get hurt in fires and how paramedics rushes them to the hospital for care. 

My 5 year old cousin putting out fire using water mist technology

What it takes to find people beneath rubbles

All in all, it was an educational visit for my kids to learn how dangerous fires are, how brave fire fighters are and how big their responsibilities are. It was a quick visit though, 20-40 minutes are enough so I guess you would want to swing by this place after a visit to Fort Canning Park to seek respite from the scorching Singapore weather.  

This is one grouchy fire fighter!

Civil Defense Heritage Gallery is open Tuesdays-Sundays 10.00am to 5.00pm (free admission) and if you would like a guided tour of 30m high Lookout Tower previously used to spot fires in Singapore, it is available only on Tuesdays and Fridays 7.00pm-8.00pm  

Map of Central Fire Station:

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