Friday, July 13, 2012

Sunway Pyramid - Indoor Playground For Kids

Indoor Playground for Kids at Sunway Pyramid

Last weekend, we ended up *again for two Saturdays in a row* at Sunway Pyramid Mall. This time around its because daddy was looking around for rims. The last time we were at Sunway, we thought of going to Sunway Lagoon Wild Life Park but since you can't choose the Individual Parks to enter now at Sunway Lagoon, we thought it was a tad too expensive for RM80 per person just to see the animals when we will only pay less than RM80 for all four of us (2 adults and 2 kids) for a trip to Zoo Negara. So, this time around, we decided to check out if there is any indoor playground for the kids at Sunway Pyramid Mall instead.

We were actually looking for T&T Kidz Park (like a small amusement park with carousel, bumper cars and what nots) but detoured to a small arcade area next to Sunway Ice Rink since my 4 year old didn't want to budge from the side of the Ice Rink. The arcade was pretty small and after 5 mins my kids were pretty bored (that's quite surprising considering they usually refuse to come out of an arcade and will spend a minimum of 30mins in it) and was asking to go inside "Jungle Jungle" an indoor playground strategically located in the arcade compound. I was quite apprehensive at first since it is quite similar to Jungle Gym at Bangsar and my kids didn't enjoy that the previous time and Jungle Jungle is even smaller than Jungle Gym. But they insisted and since the person manning the indoor playground wasn't so strict regarding "wearing socks" -none of us were wearing socks- we acceded to the kids' request.

Like I mentioned earlier, the place is pretty small, but surprisingly, my kids enjoyed it for quite a bit. Maybe because there was no thumping loud music like the one at Jungle Gym to scare them off. There is absolutely no area for parents to sit and wait for the kids, you have to wait outside if you are not accompanying them in and if you are going in with your kids to supervise them, you are definitely going to have a back ache crouching around the place. Below are some pics that I managed to snap. My 2 year old handled the indoor playground quite independently but wanted out after 1 hour while my 4 year old refused to go back. 

Jumping around at Jungle Jungle Sunway Pyramid

This ball / shooting area is pretty small , would be cramped if there's 10 kids inside

Am not sure why my 4 year old was entertained by this. 

If you are at Sunway Pyramid Mall with your kids, and have more time to kill, you should check out T&T Kidz Park and also the free mini playground in front of Cold Storage (sorry no pics since we didn't have the time to visit them)