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Mahalabia @ Blueberry Pudding Recipe With Strawberry Syrup

resepi pencuci mulut
Delicious and refreshing Mahalabia :)
Today, after procrastinating for so long, I managed to try out the Blueberry Mahalabia With Strawberry Syrup Dessert inspired by an episode from My Kitchen Rules. Googling for the recipe was quite easy. Following the given recipe was another story. I have eaten my fair share of mahalabia but never a blueberry mahalabia before. The recipe given was suspicious in many ways:

1) The amount of sugar (220g) used for the mahalabia, if you consider the fact that you are going to eat it with strawberry syrup (another 220g of sugar) , how sickeningly sweet is this dessert supposed to be? 

2) The other thing that is going to surely fail your attempt in making this dessert ( if you follow the instructions to the T) is to mix 1/3cup corn flour with just 2 tbsp of water (how thick is that?) and then add it to the milk and sugar mixture that you have brought to boil. Any cook worth her salt knows that that is instant curdling disaster! 

3) The strawberry syrup uses 250g strawberries, 220g sugar and 125g water.. that makes the syrup either watery OR you are going to spend a pretty long time stirring the mixture till it reduces to the right consistency. 

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Blueberry Dessert With Strawberry Syrup Yummy!
In light of the above, I decided to just go ahead and take the Blueberry Mahalabia with Strawberry Syrup Recipe from My Kitchen Rules as a very rough guide and wing it with my own Mahalabia-making experience. My blueberry milk pudding recipe with strawberry syrup thus became like this:

Mahalabia Recipe:

125gm blueberries
1 tbsp honey
4 cups milk
7 tbsp corn starch
7 tbsp sugar

Strawberry Syrup Recipe:

375gm chopped strawberry
slightly less than 1 and 1/4 cup castor sugar
135ml water


Sliced Strawberries and Whole Raspberries as desired

To make the Blueberry Mahalabia:

1) Heat up the saucepan and put in the blueberries and honey and stir over low fire till mixture is soft and pulpy.
2) In a separate saucepan (do not turn on the fire first) whisk the milk, corn starch and sugar together, then turn on the fire and stir continuously till the mixture thickens and feel slightly heavy (if you are unsure, watch this video here)  Add in the blueberry mixture and scoop into your desired serving glass 2/3 full. Refrigerate overnight.

To make the strawberry syrup:

1) Mix all the ingredients and stir over low heat till the mixture reduces by half or more according to your preference. Refrigerate till ready to serve.

This was my desired consistency.. yours could be different

When serving:

Pour the strawberry syrup over the Mahalabia and garnish with a few slices of strawberries and raspberries.

P/S: If you find that the Mahalabia is a bit soft for your liking, you might want to add a bit more corn starch.

Malay Version:

Resepi Pencuci Mulut : Mahalabia Blueberi Dengan Sos Strawberi

Hari tu ada nonton rancangan My Kitchen Rules di Astro, nampak pencuci mulut Mahalabia ni macam menyelerakan, jadi hari ni dapatah cuba resepi di My Kitchen Rules. Sekali tengok.. resepi macam lain macam je..kalau ikut resepi asal memang sah tak akan menjadilah pencuci mulutMahalabia ku.. akhir sekali kita buat resepi ikut pengalaman makan Mahalabia di Mesir :)

Resepi Pencuci Mulut Mahalabia Blueberi Dengan Sos Strawberi ku adalah seperti berikut:

Resepi Mahalabia:

125gm blueberi
1 sdm madu
4 cwn susu segar
7 sdm tepung jagung
7 sdm gula pasir

Resepi Sos Strawberi:

375gm strawberi yang di potong 4 
Kurang sikit dari 1 dan 1/4 cwn gula pasir (kalau ikut betul2 takut termanis)
135ml air

Bahan Hiasan:

Strawberi yang dihiris dan raspberi untuk hiasan (tak guna raspberi pun takpe sebab mahal nah di Malaysia ni, tapi strawberi tu guna Korean atau US ye, kalau Cameron Highland tak jamin jadi ke tak) 

Cara-cara Membuat Blueberi Mahalabia:

1) Panaskan pan dan masukkan blueberi dan madu dan kacau di atas api yang kecil hingga blueberi lembut dan 2/3 dari blueberi yang anda guna sudah separuh hancur.
2) Di atas pan yang berasingan (jangan hidupkan api dahulu) kacau susu, tepung jagung dan gula kemudian kacau terus di atas api yang sederhana sehingga campuran menjadi pekat sedikit dan terasa berat. (Jika kurang pasti lihat video asal di sini)  Masukkan blueberi dan tuangkan di dalam gelas hidangan anda hingga 2/3 penuh. Letak di peti sejuk semalaman. 

Cara-cara Membuat Sos Strawberi:

1) Campurkan semua bahan dan kacau di atas api kecil hingga campuran pekat dan tinggal hanya separuh atau lebih mengikut citarasa anda. Simpan di peti sejuk hingga diperlukan.  

Cara Menghidangkan Pencuci Mulut Blueberi Mahalabia Dengan Sos Strawberi:

Tuangkan sos strawberi di atas Mahalabia dan hiaskan dengan hirisan strawberi dan raspberi..

P/S: Jika anda dapati Mahalabia agak lembut, lebihkan sedikit tepung jagung bila membuatnya kali kedua :)

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