Thursday, July 19, 2012

Indoor Playground Kuala Lumpur Near Ikea

KL Kids Fun at Ikano Power Centre: The Small Kids Zone

Indoor Play at Kids E-World

Kids E-World recently opened at Ikano Power Centre (a shopping mall adjacent to Ikea; Mutiara Damansara) next to Toys R Us at the top most level of Ikano Power Centre (IPC). The public kiddy rides and the inflatables run by Kids Art and Fun Zone are no longer there. And the pink castle which was my son's firm favorite has now been relocated inside Kids E-world compound which means no more free play while daddy or mummy go and do some fast shopping.

Kids Play Area in KL; the giant octopus

Still at the smaller kids area, Mikail 's fave is this mini roller car

On the bright side, the indoor playground is very cheerful and interesting. My kids were hooked from day 1 and kept asking to go to Kids E-world, though I only take them during weekdays to avoid the crowd. The area is also split into 2 zones, 1 for the bigger kids and another more suitable for the not so adventurous ones. The party area is spacious and colorful though the cafe is near to the smaller kids zone which makes it difficult for you to watch over your kids if they go to the bigger kids area. 

KL Kids Indoor Play: Umair trying out the rocking elephant

KL Kids Attraction: My 2 year old confidently crawling in the tunnel 

KL Kids play: In the balloon area but sadly the balloons are not many and some are partially deflated

A few things that I really like about this indoor playground is that they play nursery ryhmes and not unsuitable pop music, the decor is bright and cheerful and most importantly they do not have restrictive height limit that requires us parents to be on all fours when following the kids up on the equipment! This is one indoor playground that reduces the possibility of parents returning with a backache. Major plus point in my opinion! 

The shooting balls area

weeee.. what a lot of balls!

Admission fee is RM30 for all day entry on a weekday, which is a tad expensive when you have two boys like me, so I purchased a weekday voucher of RM100 for 5 visits that works out to RM20 per entry per child 
My 4 year old love this tho he still can't quite get up on it on his own

Loving the colors :)

CP Arcade is also scheduled to open soon next to Kids E-World and I think my 4 year old will be hooked with their bumper cars then. He is sorely missing the Go-Kart that used to be in front of Tokutokuya shop. 

KL Kids Activities: Parents, check out the head space! No need to bend around here.. 
The indoor play must have: slides that leads to a pool of balls 

If RM30 per entry is on the high side for you, fret not Kids Art and Fun Zone is still open at the other end of Level 2 of Ikano Power Centre next to Pet Safari.