Sunday, July 29, 2012

Indoor Playground Singapore: Kiddy Fun at Turf City

indoor playground in singapore
Kiddy Fun at Turf City

The visit to this indoor playground was an impromptu visit after spending about 30 minutes with the kids at Jacob Ballas Garden where my kids did not get to enjoy the playground since my concrete-jungle raised kids are adverse to having sand on their toes. A quick google search shows that Turf City is around the area and hey Mommy has always wanted to check out Fidgets (an indoor playgrround at Turf City). So, we called for a cab and headed to Turf City. The taxi fare from Jacob Ballas Garden to Turf City was less than S$9.00 including the booking fee. 

It was drizzling that day and Turf City was under renovation though the tenants are still open for business. The taxi stand (although covered) was not connected to a covered walkway that leads to Turf City and the Turf City was boarded up as such that you have to access different entrances to go to different tenant groups. Unfortunately, the taxi driver unknowingly dropped me 2 entrances away from the entrance that leads to Fidgets and with a 4 year old holding my right hand and 2 year old on my left arm, with the rain and the puddles and the construction obstructions, my nerves were starting to fray.    

At the covered walkway that connected the parking area to Turf City, I saw a Eurasian young mommy that looked like she's familiar with Turf City, so I asked her where might the entrance to Fidgets be? To which she replied that it is the first entrance on the left side (if you are standing at the Carpark side of the walkway facing Turf City) walk straight in until you find Giant Supermarket and take the lift (beside Giant) to the 4th floor. Relieved that this unpleasant-walking-in-the-rain-with-two-kids experience is going to end soon, I quickly headed to the entrance. 

The seating area at Kiddy Fun

Up on the 4th floor, I saw another sign to Fidgets leading to a long corridor on my left and another indoor playground called Kiddy Fun just on my right. I didn't have the patience to explore that corridor and head straight for Kiddy Fun. It seemed a cheery enough place, though a bit small if you come when crowded (but then again who goes to Turf City?) the staff are all very helpful, you can just relaxed at the super comfy seating area reading provided magazines and they will look out for your kids for a bit until they are familiar with the play equipments. The downside is they don't have a washroom (only a baby changing station with no tap, just hand sanitizer and you have to have your own wipes). But the kind staff looked after my 4 year old while I cleaned my 2 year old in the washroom at no extra charge. 

My kids had fun at the indoor playground though I think that it is lacking slides and climbing areas for my 4 year old but he really enjoyed the swing and there is a play area with other toys such as wooden cars, tea sets, kitchen utensils, tools and doctor set. They were engrossed playing with that. You have to go to the counter to request for those and pay a small deposit of $2 to ensure that you return all the pieces back to the counter after playing. It was really fun, but I'm not sure how that will work when you have other kids playing around at the same time with your kids, how are you gong to prevent them from playing with some of the pieces and ensure that they won't misplace any of it?

kids indoor playground singapore
The toddler dedicated area at Turf City's indoor playground

Kiddy Fun also has a small dedicated area for kids under 18 months old but my kids still played with it. The entrance fee costed S$16 per child (all day - non peak) and I think that it was a nice refuge from the rain for 2 hours. My 4 year old didn't make much fuss when I said it was time to go while my 2 year old still wanted to play with the tea set. All in all, it was a nice place for kids under 5 year old, to spend 2 hours or less, if you are around the area. Not really worth it to go out of your way just to visit this place.  Below are some pics I snapped most of it using my mobile.

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