Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Simple Craft To Do At Home For The School Holidays

preschool simple crafts
A simple craft for my 4 yo

It's the school holidays and I need to keep the kids occupied with other things than the television. Decided to do a simple dinosaur paper plate craft and then changed it to  a simple string dinosaur puppet last minute. Am not really sure how to do a string puppet but my basic string tied to ice cream sticks seems to work quite ok with my 3 yo and 4 yo :)

You will need:

kraftangan kanak-kanak
Dinosaur paper plate craft

1 - 1 Paper plate cut into above shapes
2 - 2 googly eyes
3 - glue
4 - thumb tacks
5 - paint and glitter
6 - ice cream sticks
7 - string
8 - puncher

How to make a simple dinosaur puppet craft:

1 - paint the paper plate your choice of color and let it dry.
2 - Add in the glitter and let it dry.
3 - glue the dinosaur eyes and let it dry.
4 - put the dinosaur's head, tail and legs in place using the thumb tacks (this makes the head, legs and tail movable)
5 - punch two holes on the dinosaur body, loop in the string (cut into your desired length) and tie the string to the ice cream stick. Finish!

Dinosaur paper plate in the making :)

kraftangan pinggan kertas

Such a simple craft :) I had originally wanted to do a few dinosaur such as Spinosaurus, Anklyosaurus and Triceratops but in the end the kids got distracted with sponge painting instead :)

The kids had fun playing with the string puppet though the thumb tacks have the tendency to slip when the kids are too rough with moving the dinosaur body parts even after I put masking tape over the back of the thumb tacks. Maybe it's just best to glue the body parts together instead.

Do note that you don't want the head to be too long since it will droop to the side of the paper plate due to its weight.

Have fun!
craft ideas for preschoolers
My 3 yo with his purple dinosaur paper plate pupppet