Friday, November 2, 2012

Good Food at Geylang Serai Market

good food geylang
Geylang Food : Nasi Padang @ Hajjah Mona

If you are a tourist in Singapore and your itenerary includes checking out the Geylang Serai  Market to try out the local Malay fare or the Malay traditional fashion at the opposite Joo Chiat Complex and Tanjong Katong Complex (about 7 minutes walk away), don't forget to try the stall "Hajjah Mona" that sells the local favorite Nasi Padang (plain white rice with assorted dishes of your choice).

hawker food singapore
Geylang Food: Snails in Coconut Gravy.. yummy!

"Hajjah Mona" stall at the second floor of Geylang Serai Market serves delicious Nasi Padang among all the other hawker stalls there in my opinion. Those not knowing it will head for the other stalls with longer queue nearer to the stairs of Geylang Serai Market but if you walk right to the end, Hajjah Mona's bright red neon lights will not escape your eyes. If you are lucky, you will arrive before their loyal fans and avoid the queue. I came just before 12.00pm and the spread all looks inviting to me. The even have Nasi Rawan and Nasi Jengganan during lunch time (these are usually reserved for brunch or breakfast in most other stalls). 

geylang serai market
Geylang Food: Nasi Padang Spread

As mush as I love Nasi Rawan and Nasi Jengganan, that day I was craving for Sotong Masak Hitam (Squid's ink dish) and Lemak Siput (snails in coconut gravy) mmm...mmm..pair it with spicy quail's egg in chili and you get a deadly combination of death by Nasi Padang haha.. I overheard one Chinese aunty commenting to her friend while I was waiting for my turn, that their rendang is also very famous. So, head on to Hajjah Mona at Geylang Serai Market for a taste of the local fare and let your taste bud do some testing :p  

geylang serai market
Geylang Food : Hajjah Mona Stall