Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Halal Kids-Friendly Restaurant: Pastamania @ Tampines Mall, Singapore

kids friendly restaurants singapore
Halal Kids-friendly Restaurant: Pastamania @ Tampines Mall

Ok, truth is when Pastamania first turned halal, hubby and I tried it once and didn't quite like it. In fact, we avoided Pastamania and will always choose Swensen's pasta over it. However, one day while accompanying my mum to the market near Bedok Point, mom said that she wants to bring back pizza for the kids at home and asked me to buy some at Pastamania (frankly speaking, the only pizza that I like now is Domino's and nothing else but...) 

Dutifully, I bought pepperoni pizza, spaghetti bolognaise and beef lasagne to bring back home and my 3.5yr old liked the pepperoni pizza very much despite the crust being a bit thin in my opinion, just because Pastamania pizza box resembles Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles pizza box! Kids! 

A few days later, the kids started to whine for Toys R Us and since I already promised to bring them there after 3 weeks of Toys R Us abstinence, I gave in to their whinings. After a short visit to Toys R Us at Tampines Mall, the kids started to ask for pizza and even though Pizza Hut also has an outlet at Tampines Mall, I guess Pastamania is a better choice for me and my two small boys just in case they can't sit still, they can jump / run at the outdoor playground opposite the alfresco area of Pastamania. In the end, since they were well-behaved, we sat at the air-conditioned area, away from the playground (hehe, I did mention that the playground is a back up plan). The playground is at Tampines Mall Open Plaza Level 4, it has a playground with slides, a climbing structure and also an interactive room. Unfortunately the interactive room is almost always used by teenagers to take advantage of the aircon and seating area and sometimes some of them also hog the playground. It would really help if Tampines Mall management elect an enforcement officer like Tampines One that make sure the place is utilised by the intended users. I had my hands full with Toys R Us bags and the Pastamania take away bags to take a picture of Tampines Mall Open Plaza, I will try to do so on my next return to Singapore. 

In the mean time, here are the picture of the food that we ordered that day:

halal restaurants singapore food blog

Pastamania's creamy chicken carbonara, sauce is a bit diluted for my liking and the half crushed black peppercorns makes it difficult for me to feed my kids, the chicken is also a bland, but my 3.5 yo ate well.

pastamania halal singapore

Pastamania's pepperoni pizza, the pizza dough is more to thin and crispy and I don't quite favor the choice of cheese, but again my 3.5 yo seems to like it.

Pastamania's chicken wings with chilli sauce, the chicken is crispy but no strong hint of spices (which is just perfect for kids) and I love the chilli sauce, sweet and spicy. 

In summary, Pastamania is not my first choice when it comes to eating out, it serves pretty average food but considering the price, I think it is quite expected. Fits more for teenagers / youngsters hanging out with friends. But, with Pastamania's Tampines Mall location being opposite the Open Plaza i.e. access to playground, it will also be high on my list should I need to eat out with my kids. 

If you are a tourist in Singapore and looking for halal restaurants, Pastamania also has outlets at the following locations:

1 - Pastamania Bugis Junction :
    200 Victoria Street, #B1-08, Bugis Junction.

2 - Pastamania Cathay Cineleisure:
     8 Grange Road, #02-23, Cathay Cineleisure Orchard

3 - Pastamania, Changi Airport T3
     65 Airport Boulevard, #B2-21 (Basement 2 North), Changi Terminal 3

4 - Pastamania Far East Plaza, 
     14 Scotts Road, Kiosk 14A, Far East Plaza

5- Pastamania HarbourFront Centre,
    1 Maritime Square, #02-05/06/07
    HarbourFront Centre

These are just some of its outlets, you may see the whole list of Pastamania's outlets here.