Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Restaurant with Play Area for kids :Marmalade Cafe @ Publika, KL

halal restaurants with kids play area in kl
Kids Friendly Restaurant in KL - Marmalade Cafe-Publika

It's the rainy season and the kids been begging for indoor playground but I was too tired to spend 1-2 hours waiting for them plus I'm hungry for dinner. So, I thought why not we just head to Marmalade and let the kids play with the toys for a short while and hubby and I can eat dinner at the same time. Though the toys are pretty much what they can find in our house and the food is just ordinary, any parents will gladly take an ordinary dinner undisturbed rather than a fantastic dinner with two kids behaving crankily right?

Marmalade Cafe also has a small play house and slide outside the cafe but since it was raining, the kids didn't get to play that. Nonetheless, they seemed quite happy. The change of environment is just what they needed I guess.

That day, I decided not to order their kids menu since I ordered the Bolognaise once and my son didn't quite like it since it was quite heavy with mixed vegetables. I also refrained from ordering the fried rice as we find it to be a bit on the bland side. My 5 yo was looking forward to the cupcakes, but sadly, they were all gone. 

In the end, we ordered:

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Kids friendly restaurant in KL : Marmalade Cafe@ Publika

Marmalade's Havana Salad, that's chicken cubes, pineapple slices, lots and lots of capsicum, with a few leaves at the bottom of the plate and cheese sprinkled over it. To me, this doesn't really taste like a salad as the green leaves are very little and too much chicken and capsicum! The serving is really huge, even the two of us couldn't finish this.

kids friendly eateries in kl
Chicken Burger at Marmalade Cafe-Publika, KL

halal burgers in kuala lumpur food blog
Look at the size of that meat!

The chicken burger comes with a side of slaw and sweet potato wedges. The burger's meat is too thick for me so I had to cut it in half and share it with my kiddo, if not I would surely not be able to finish this dish. The sweet potato wedges while novel weren't very crispy and tend to get soggy as the coleslaws dressing trickle down the plate. 

halal restaurants in kuala lumpur
Marmalade Cafe's Aglio Olio

Marmalade's Aglio Olio with mushrooms, prawns, tomatoes and broccoli. The Aglio Olio is not very oily and taste quite nice. The mushrooms and prawns add flavor to the pasta and I didn't detect much black pepper. My 5 year old shared this with my hubby. 

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Oreo Cheesecake at Marmalade Cafe

restaurants with kids menu kuala lumpur
The kids enjoying their cheesecake!

Since Marmalade's cupcake was sold out, I ordered oreo cheesecake for the kids and asked the waiter to cut it into half so that the kids thought they each got one slice :) the waiter obliged. My 5 yo loved the cheesecake while my 3.5  yo who is not much of a cheesecake lover just ate the biscuit base. I tried the oreo cheesecake and it is very nice. Soft and creamy, the cakes just seems to glide down your throat while the chocolate sauce and oreo adds just the right touch of sweetness. Nice! I guess while the food is quite ordinary, Marmalade Cafe serves pretty nice desserts. 

I took a picture of the cafe secretly (thus the weird angles hehe) I like the decor, it's very clean and fresh with a touch of happy accents here and there. Would really be great if the food selection is expanded!

Marmalade Cafe's interior at Publika

Marmalade Cafe's decor, clean and simple with a few happy colors :)