Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Free Indoor Playground The Canopy @ Changi Airport T1 Viewing Mall

free indoor playground singapore
Free Indoor Playground Singapore Airport T1 - Viewing Mall L3

Hands up to those always scratching their heads where to bring their kids to expend their boundless energy? Somewhere comfortable enough for us parents to wait for them without having to worry about the scorching heat or sudden downpour, somewhere where they can run about safely and still have a nearby kids-friendly toilet for emergencies and also restaurants within walking distance should they feel hungry. The Canopy @ Changi Airport Terminal 1 Viewing Mall has all that and its free! (Of course you have to pay for your parking). 

singapore indoor playgrounds free
The Canopy - Free indoor playground @ T1

We checked out The Canopy during our last visit to Singapore and the kids loved it there. We spent about 45 minutes playing, then the kids needed a toilet break, then they asked to ride the sky train (we took 2 rides so that they just sat on the train and we are back at T1 again :p) then we ate at KFC then walked back to the playground and they played for another 30 minutes. Sure, the playground is small but the viewing mall is very spacious and offers a lot of running space (provided you don't irk others - but mostly the crowd are parents / grandparents with small kids so they are very understanding) plus the papers provided besides the playground area are often used to make paper aeroplanes instead and that amused the kids as well. 

where can you see aeroplanes in Singapore
The only viewing mall with clear view of aeroplanes in Singapore, ample running area and a convenient toilet.

They are a few benches for about 9 parents to sit while waiting for the kids, if not there are also seats at The Viewing Mall area. 

things to so with kids at night in singapore
So this is where the rubbing station went when Budget Terminal was closed down :)

Kids having fun at Changi Airport T1 Viewing Mall (Public Area)

The rules stated no eating and drinking and always to wear socks but since not many knows the rules before heading to The Canopy, almost none of the kids were wearing socks. Some protective nettings have holes in them and the bigger kids used it to squeeze through while one of the crawling area (the one where its like meshed tunnel under the mock tree house is strewn with hairs and dust presumably cos its difficult to vacuum under there? Luckily, my kids didn't play there. 

changi airport with kids
The tree house at Changi Airport (that mesh tunnel is the one that I said is dirty under it)

kids play areas singapore
Having fun at The Canopy - Free play at Changi Airport T1 L3

Overall, I had to drag my 3 year old back home and even then he was throwing a tantrum cos he hasn't finished playing but my always obedient 5 year old didn't kick up a fuss. So, I think the indoor playground at Changi Airport is entertaining enough for 3-4 years olds while the 5 years old gets bored after 30 minutes unless they start to play "Police and Thieves" with others and run all over the place like what some kids were doing while we were there. If you are lucky, they play quite nicely without running into your small kiddos but if you get the rowdy ones with no parents' supervision, they tend to run about without heeding others and might knock into your little ones.

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