Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Halal Dinner in KL : Enak KL @ Starhill Gallery Review

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The ambience at Enak KL - Starhill Gallery

Last weekend while driving back to KL, we were looking for someplace to eat our dinner that is not crowded on a Sunday evening. I asked hubby if he wanted to try out Enak KL at Starhill Gallery since the restaurant has a 4 star rating at TripAdvisor and he said okay. 

The restaurant is a bit difficult to find, you have to take the escalator down to the Feast level and then turn left where you will see the concierge and then take another left and you will see the entrance to Enak KL (pass the korean restaurant). 

The ambience of Enak KL is quite romantic with dim lighting that made taking pictures very difficult and the service quite prompt. I also like the fact that they accommodate my request for fried noodles for my son even though its not on the menu. We ordered satay, oxtail soup, ayam percik (creamy grilled chicken) , vegetable tasting platter, plain rice and cendol.

malaysian food fried noodle

First up was the fried noodles, we asked for it to be non-spicy with no vegetables for my 5 year old who only eats noodles... it tasted ok. 

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Next came the satay, we ordered a half dozen serving of chicken and beef. The beef satay tasted quite nice but I don't like the taste of the chicken satay. Hubby commented that the peanut gravy is not as thick as it is supposed to be. My guess is it is to cater to the tourists' taste but overall still quite acceptable. 

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The oxtail soup was listed as an appetizer so the waiter served us the soup next and then waited for like 20 minutes before asking if they can serve our mains. We were like *erm.. yeah?* Come on man, we are asians, when we order oxtail soup and chicken and vegetable and rice.. naturally we would want to eat the soup with our rice? The oxtail soup was fiery with black pepper on its own, but the taste tones down a bit when you eat it with rice. The potato and carrots in the soup was bland but the meat was very tender.

halal restaurants kuala lumpur

Ayam percik or grilled chicken with creamy sauce.. we were expecting the normal ayam percik you know with either the drumstick / breast part of the chicken, we were not expecting something like a chicken meatball. The gravy? Definitely did not represent how ayam percik taste like..

halal food kl

The vegetable tasting platter.. on the left is asparagus kerabu, center is aubergine with chili and the last I can't remember whether it is spinach or some other green leafy vegetable all I remember was how bland it was, the aubergine also failed to impress, only the asparagus kerabu tasted quite nice and novel (cos actually Malays don't eat kerabu asparagus) 

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Lastly, hubby ordered cendol (I don't know what is it with him and cendol lately) and this was his comment: "This is one of the worst tasting cendol that I have ever tasted" I took a bite and hmm.. bland again.. can't really taste the evaporated milk and gula melaka.. the red beans and cendol also didn't add anything to the dessert.

Overall, it was very disappointing in term of food but service was quite ok. It's a pity since the ambience is quite nice and the location is not very crowded. Had the food been fantastic, we wouldn't mind going again. But, for now the  verdict is first and the last!