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KL With Kids : Butterfly Park Review

kl butterfly park review

KL Butterfly Park is one park where its difficult to find much information on. The website looks cute but doesn't really reveal much while reviews on TripAdvisor gave an average 4 star (not sure why). So, when the kids said they wanted to go and see butterflies out of the blue a few months back I readily said ok. I wasn't really impressed the first time we went as the park is really really small and I feel that the description of being "a secret paradise", "a large public butterfly zoo" and "a popular tourist attraction" really misleading.

Inside the KL Butterfly Park

butterfly park kuala lumpur reviews
Inside the KL Butterfly Park (the above two pictures are about 30% of the Butterfly free-flying area at the Park)

The entrance to the park is also a bit obscure. Keep your eyes peeled for a small entrance with a brown gate. Car Park space is also limited. If you are around the area, exploring the lake gardens surrounding and have an hour to kill, want a respite from the heat or a butterfly enthusiast then yes maybe you would want to pay a visit to the Butterfly Park BUT if you have to take a taxi with the kids and think you can spend 2-3 hours here.. I would suggest you give this place a miss.  

Kuala lumpur with kids
A huge turtle in KL Butterfly Park 

kl kids
Another turtle in KL Butterfly Park

Entrance fee for adult (non-Malaysian) is RM20 and child (non-Malaysian) is RM10. On our first visit (yes we did go a second time), there were only the butterflies and another section for bugs and insects. Nevertheless, my 5 year old enjoyed it very much that he asked for a second visit last month. We obliged since we didn't really have any plans for the weekend. This time around the Butterfly Park has added some exhibits such as turtles, frogs and fishes which makes it slightly more interesting. I have to add that the butterflies are really beautiful but I can't really appreciate it fully since I know zilch about the different types of butterflies and they don't really have informative signs or brochure of pictures of butterflies to look out for. 

kuala lumpur tourists attraction reviews
Frogs in KL Butterfly Park

KL Butterfly Park with kids Reviews
Scorpions exhibit @ the bugs area in KL Butterfly Park

The bugs and insects section is also quite small mainly beetles, scorpions, millipede, geckos and stick insects. But still interesting enough for my 5 year old. Pass the bugs exhibits are some exhibits of preserved butterflies and stick insects in frames which we walked pass by after 5 minutes. 

Lake Garden KL attractions reviews
I think that is a duck but you can't feed it at KL Butterfly Park

Overall, KL Butterfly Park is an average place to visit if you are residing in KL and have nothing planned for the weekend but in my opinion its not really a must-see KL Tourist attraction with kids. You are better off entertaining the kids at Kidzania, Petrosains, Aquaria or even Sunway Lagoon. 

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