Friday, October 18, 2013

Lunch @ Chef Riz's Restaurant Flavours @ Bangsar

The previous two weekends we were heading to Mid Valley Mall after nearly two years of not going there but somehow or rather we arrived at Bangsar Village instead. So, we decided to try Chef Riz's Flavours at Jalan Telawi 3.

The restaurant is quite small and when we were there, only one other table was taken. Nevertheless, we were stil quite excited as reviews for the restaurant were quite favorable. Since we were quite hungry, we ordered rice that day. Hubby went for Fried Rice and I went for Malaya Rice. 

chef riz restoran flavours bangsar review

Fried Rice came with fried prawns, fried chicken and egg sunny side up as you can see from the picture. The verdict? Edible. I shall not say more.

malay restaurant bangsar

Nasi Malaya for ravenous me..the description sounded soooo nice.. steamed rice with beef in coconut gravy (Masak Lemak) Fried chicken (the one that is perching on the middle of the plate) prawn sambal and green apple ala thai salad. 

The verdict? disappointing..what made it even worse was trying to eat from the plate. Its design made it feel like eating from a saucer.

Prawn sambal was oily, lacks punch and the prawns shell was super thin and clings to the flesh. The beef lemak was tolerable, the fried chicken was bare and the salad's green apple lack the tartness of green mango that usually adds zing to the salad. Not to mention the salted fish that wasn't fried properly hence making it difficult to eat.

mee goreng mamak

My firstborn of course ordered Mee Goreng as usual and it was the only main dish that didn't disappoint that day.

chef wan malaysia son's restaurant halal

The tempura prawn was nice though. The batter was delicious and crispy, prawns were fresh and came with three side, tartar sauce, chilli sauce and mustard. This dish gets our thumbs up.

dessert at cef riz restaurant

We wanted to order dessert but the list wasn't that much, a quick peek at the dessert station shows red velvet and pavlova..since I am not really a fan of pavlova, we decided to try red velvet cake. Truth to be told, we have never had red velvet before so we are not the best judge of it but the cake was quite nice. My kids loved it.

Price-wise, flavours can be considered quite easy on the wallet as compared to other restaurants at Bangsar Village. But, we are not coming back anytime soon nor will we make a special trip here just to eat especially with Bangsar's horrendous traffic. It's way easier to head to On The Table at Publika with better taste and waaaay less traffic. 

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