Sunday, October 6, 2013

Alif Ba Ta / Arabic Letters Worksheet For Mikail 06 Oct 2013

Ok, so we are on to the next stage of arabic letters recognition. I was thinking of doing a worksheet to teach the different strokes of the arabic letters (fathah, kasrah, dhommah) but then again it might not be suitable for individual exercise so I decided to reinforce the recognition of arabic letters through matching exercises again. This time around the child is asked to match the words to the letters that they begin with. The child can also color the pictures should they desire. Parents are also encouraged to read the words with the kids so that they are exposed to some arabic words :) Do note that the end of the words are silent example say Asad instead of Asadun.. Batta instead of Battatun to make it easier for the kids.

As usual, you are free to use the worksheet for personal/school use but not for commercial use. Thanks for dropping by!

latihan alif ba ta pra sekolah

preschool alif ba ta