Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Thai Massage Kl - Thai Odyssey Review

kuala lumpur thai massage
Traditional Thai Massage Kuala Lumpur : Thai Odyssey @ The Curve Shopping Centre

My body has been aching for weeks now and after nightly rubbing of stinky traditional massage oil, I couldn't stand it any more and asked Mr Husband if I could go for a massage.  I didn't dare to call for a masseuse to come to my place (for security reasons) nor do I dare to go to the massage parlours at Sungei Wang etc etc since I am not sure which massage parlours are legit and which are not.

But, I really need a good traditional massage where they use a lot of pressure and not just the aromatherapy relaxing massage cos my legs were really killing me. I felt like an old lady.  The only thai massage centre that I can recall seeing in Kuala Lumpur is Thai Odyssey at One Utama, so I decided to check out their website. To my surprise, they also have a branch at The Curve Shopping Centre which is near to my kids school, so off I went yesterday after sending the kids to school.

I took 90 minutes Traditional Thai Massage that doesn't use any oil but uses a lot of pressure, keeping my fingers crossed that I would be able to bear with the pain.

The exterior and interior of Thai Odyssey at The Curve (situated at level 1 above Coffee Bean) is tastefully designed unlike the exterior of Thai Odyssey at One Utama (which I find a bit cheesy). Once in, you are requested to make full payment first. My 90 minutes Traditional Thai Massage costed around RM115 (including tax), which to me is quite reasonable for an outlet located at a shopping mall and for the duration of the massage. Next, you are requested to change to their in-house slippers and then led to a feet washing area where the masseuse will scrub and clean your feet. Afterwards, you are led to your private room for the thai massage. 

odyssey thai massage
Thai Massage in Kuala Lumpur : Thai Odyssey's Massage Room

There are about 3 private massage rooms, 2 couple rooms, 1 VIP room and 1 reflexology room inside the Thai Odyssey at The Curve. The rooms are dark and the bed is super single size as the masseuse will sit on the bed as she knead your limbs loose with her knuckles, knees and even soles! 

The upside of Thai Odyssey is that, here, you don't have to strip down to your underwear for the massage, they provide you with very comfortable and big pajamas. After you have changed into their pajamas, you will be given a cup of warm jasmine tea (no sugar of course) to relax before the massage starts. 

The downside of Thai Odyssey is that since the masseuses are all from Thailand, they don't speak much English so you are presented with a problem when you are trying to tell them which area of your body they aches the most and where you want them to focus the most. Thankfully, my Thai masseuse was very intuitive. When I first said that my left leg was aching all all over (of course what I actually said to her was "pain, pain") she focused on that leg for a good 45 minutes, pressing my stiff muscles from all angles. Her powerful strokes are like god-send to me. Thai Massage is a new form of massage that I have never tried before, my previous experience was only traditional javanese massage and swedish massage. I never knew what hard work Thai Massage requires. She uses her side of her foot propped under my calf to massage it as she pulls my shin down towards my body, she uses her knees to put pressure at my sole (never realize that the curve of our knees fits perfectly with the contours of our soles) and she uses her feet to massage my back as she grips my hand with her hands and pull my back towards her.. oh my goodness, yes some parts requires too much stretching for my comfort that I chickened out and told her to stop. But for most part of the Traditional Thai Massage, it was the answer to my prayer. 

kuala lumpur thai massage
Thai Massage KL: The big bed and big pajamas and warm cup of tea!

The head massage was a bit lacking though, I prefer the shampoo girl named Zoey at Snips Avenue (The Curve Shopping Centre) head massage. man.. can that girl give you a mean head massage, your migraine will just melt under her skillful hands. 

Another downside is the lack of relaxing music at the background hmm.. maybe they are scared that the customers will doze off after their session which was exactly what I felt like doing afterwards.

Post-Thai Massage, my limbs are still sore and I wonder if all that torture did me any good. But after slathering myself with traditional massage oil that night, I woke up this morning feeling much much better than the past few weeks. hmmm... maybe I should take up their membership next :)

Check out their website for a full list of their branch and pricing details.