Sunday, October 7, 2012

Halal Food at Hong Kong Airport Terminal 1

makanan halal hong kong
Halal Food Hong Kong: Popeye's @ Terminal 1 Hong Kong Airport

Our final day in Hong Kong and my final post on Halal Food in Hong Kong, we checked out of our hotel and headed for Hong Kong Airport Terminal 1. At the airport, we ate brunch at Popeye's Chicken & Biscuits. I am not a fan of Popeye's in Malaysia but when in Hong Kong, Popeye's better than nothing. There are two Popeye's outlets at Hong Kong Airport, both are at Terminal 1, one halal outlet is at non-restricted area 7T103, Level 7, T1, Hong Kong Airport and the other is at the restricted area: 7E161, Level 7, T1, Hong Kong Airport.

halal food hong kong airport
Halal Food Hong Kong: Popeye's at Terminal 1 Hong Kong Airport

bercuti di hongkong
Halal Food Hong Kong Airport: Popeye's Chicken Burger

We had 2 chicken burgers, fried chicken, fries and lemon tea :) No comments except "Alhamdulillah.. burp.." haha.. Ok maybe I can add that the buns for the chicken burger was very nice unlike McDonald's or KFC and the salads were very generous and fresh. The rest are normal fast food  but of good quality unlike some unpopular fast food chain branches in Malaysia. Price is expensive yes, one cup of tea costs HKD16, our brunch costed about HKD80.

halal food hong kong
Halal Hong Kong : Popeye's @ Hong Kong Airport Terminal 1

After brunch it's a spot of last minute shopping at Hong Kong Airport before saying goodbye to our holiday in Hong Kong :) Sure wish I had more time to swing by the Expo near Hong Kong Airport for some more shopping hehe..