Friday, October 5, 2012

Halal Food In Hong Kong: Malaysian and Thai Cuisine @ Spice

halal food in hong kong
Halal Malaysian and Thai Food In Hong Kong: Spice Restaurant

Aaahh.. when the craving for other than halal indian dishes starts to hit you and you yearn for some Thai dishes, Spice is one restaurant you should check out. Granted it might be a bit daunting to go through that dark alley leading to Knutsford Terrace and your mind might start to wonder about all the dangerous things that might happen to you.. but fret not.. you will not be alone walking up that dark alley, apparently behind that alley is a building quite popular with the dinner crowd housing a few hip eateries. Yes, the building looks a bit weird and you wonder about its security but hey, it's owned by JLL so, I doubt that the tenants are dubious. 

Knutsford Terrace: We almost missed the sign!

We were quite glad that we decided to "brave" the alley and head for Spice Restaurant that evening, we were also very lucky that that evening wasn't the weekend cos wow is this place popular. When the staff asked whether we made any reservations or not, we were crossing our fingers that there will be a table for us. I guess that was just the dinner crowd cos as the evening passed (i.e. from 9pm onwards) there doesn't seem to be new patrons coming in. 

Knutsford Terrace: The Alley
The ambience of Spice Restaurant is very relaxing, nice music, dim lights and candles on the table, decor is Indian inspired but in a minimalistic and trendy style. Of course the dim lights means the food photos are bad :p Service is slow as in you have to wait long for your food, but the lady who served us was very nice and accommodating, when I ordered lemon tea and said that it was for the kids so don't make it too lemon-y she immediately offered to split the drink into 2 smaller glasses for my two sons. Another lady also served us but she was very serious looking and curt. 

Halal Food in Hong Kong @ Spice Restaurant : The table setting

Spice Restaurant : This was how dim it pardon my food pics!

Spice Resataurant: My kid playing walrus with his lemon tea :)

That night, we decided to order Malaysian Satay, Tom Yum Goong, Curry Crab and plain rice and Phad Thai for the kids. Malaysian Satay came first, well, the meat was very generous but it didn't really tasted like Malaysian Satay, the spices used are milder tasted more like marinated beefs on sticks, it was nice but it was not satay. The peanut sauce is not too bad still a bit lacking of chilies and sugar. 
muslim restaurant in hong kong
Halal Food in Hong Kong: Our Malaysian Satay

halal hong kong
Hong Kong Halal Food : Our Tom Yum Goong

Tom Yum Goong and rice came next, and boy was the tom yum fiery. The first thing that hit your tastebud is its zing, and after you have overcome that then you will come to appreciate its sour and creamy taste. Next came Phad Thai, it was meant for the kids so we asked them to omit the chilies, bean sprouts and what nots. The Phad Thai was tomato-ish and sweet. Although, I think the prawns were a bit too little in numbers. Finally, after a super long wait, came the crabs. It was a big mistake ordering the crabs not because it tasted bad, but because it was such a hassle eating crabs with fork and spoon. Plus, you don't feel comfortable attacking the crabs with your bare hands in such a restaurant :p So, yeah, even though the curry crab was a delicious dish, we didn't enjoy it that much cos of the hassle. 

islam food hong kong
Halal Hong Kong: Our Phad Thai

bercuti di hong kong
Halal Food Hong Kong: Our Curry Crabs

I must add though that this restaurant makes a good masala tea, way better than The Great Indian Kebab Factory at Miramar Shopping Centre. The Masala Tea comes in a pot and serves two. We ate at this restaurant only once mainly because of the price (our dinner costed about slightly less than HKD400). Crowd consisted of mainly tourists or professionals entertaining clients -I think- 

Jalan-jalan Hong Kong: Aaaahhh.. Masala Tea.. my fave :)

On the way back, while trying to get a cab, we passed by a small fruit shop and stock up on some fruits for our next day breakfast :) 

 Spice Restaurant is at 2/F, 1 Knutsford Terrace, Tsim Tsa Shui. Map of Spice Restaurant: 

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