Friday, October 12, 2012

Jalan-Jalan Hong Kong: Ocean Park Review

hong kong for kids
Hong Kong With Kids: Ocean Park Review

jalan jalan hong kong
Hong Kong For Kids:At the entrance of Ocean Park

Went to Hong Kong with our 4 years old and 2.5 years old for a short getaway and Ocean Park was highly rated as Hong Kong top attractions for kids. We went by taxi as we find it troublesome to take public transportation with two small kids. Of course, our kids are too small for most of the rides but that doesn't mean that they didn't enjoy Ocean Park. 

hong kong jalan jalan
Hong Kong With Kids: Feeding Time For the Pandas!

Rather, they enjoyed it very much, especially seeing a panda and a red panda for the first time. We timed our visit to Ocean Park to coincide with the shows and the Panda Feeding at 12.00pm was our first stop at Ocean Park. It was so nice, the enclosure exudes calm and peace and was very cool. My 2.5 year old stayed transfixed in front of the giant panda for a good ten minutes. While mommy was trying to get a decent picture of the red panda who couldn't stay still for 1 second. His 4 year old brother was engrossed with the salamanders at another exhibit. 

what to do in hong kong
Hong Kong With Kids : The Red Panda @ Ocean Park

Hong Kong Sightseeing
Hong Kong With Kids: Visitors trying to snap a picture of the elusive red panda

Out from the panda enclosure, we entered the Goldfish Treasures, it may sound so ordinary but oh my goodness, we didn't know that there are so many different kinds of goldfishes with very funny eyes and face. The kids were pretty tickled looking at the funny fishes. 

Things To Do In Hong Kong With Kids
What To Do in Hong Kong With Kids: @ Ocean Park Hong Kong

Things To Do In Hong Kong With Kids
What To Do In Hong Kong With Kids: Hopscotch @ Ocean Park

Next we went to Whiskers Harbour that has dedicated rides for children like a locomotive ride, merry-go-round, bouncer house, playground, ferris wheel and what nots but hubby didn't really want to stay here long since the weather was quite sunny, the kids played a few token games and off we go to the Aquarium!

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Hong Kong Trip: The Aquarium @ Ocean Park

I would say that the aquarium is the highlight of Ocean Park if you are coming with kids who are not big enough to enjoy all the other thrill rides. It is very big and even though it gets quite crowded here, you can always find something interesting at another exhibit that is less crowded.  We saw quite a number of fishes that we have not seen before such as the razor fish, hmm.. would't have known that was a fish! Other fascinating sea creatures that we have seen before (in other aquariums) such as Nautilus, Spider Crabs and what nots, are of course, also on exhibit.
what to do in hong kong
Hong Kong With Kids : Nautilus @ Ocean Park's Aquarium

what to do in hong kong with kids
Hong Kong With Kids: Spider Crabs @ Ocean Park's Aquarium

Next, we took  the ocean express; which is a train that fits 400 passengers at one go, to the Summit Station to check out the Polar Adventures (I had thought initially that we would be able to see a real polar bear) Unfortunately, polar adventures consists of penguins, seals and walrus only..

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Jalan-Jalan Hong Kong : The Only Polar Bear at Ocean Park are  all replicas

what to do in hong kong with kids
Jalan-Jalan Hong Kong: Polar Ed-Ventures @ Ocean Park

After all this, we were so tired walking about the mountainous terrain of Ocean Park and decided to go to Ocean Theatre before heading back home. We reached the theatre at about 4.00pm and saw some dolphins swimming around as they just finished their show -I think- but we didn't want to wait till 5.30pm for the next show so off we went back to the hotel.

Hong Kong Trip : Thrill Rides @ Ocean Park

Hong Kong Trip: Thrill Rides @ Ocean Park

It was quite tiring, since we didn't sit down to rest at any of the cafes as there is no halal restaurant at Ocean Park though the Park's map states that there are 3 food outlets that has indian menu (2 at the cable car station and 1 at Rainforest). Considering that Ocean Park is really huge, you might want to rent strollers to make it easier for you. 

Ocean Park is open everyday from 10.00am -7.00pm and Ocean Park ticket price is HKD280 (Adult) HKD140 (Child 3-11 years). You can get more information on how to get to Ocean Park here.