Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Jalan-Jalan Hong Kong: Aqua Junk - How To Buy The Junk Cruise Tickets

hong kong junk boat
Jalan-Jalan Hong Kong: Taking The Aqua Luna Junk cruise during The Symphony of Lights

On our first evening in Hong Kong, we thought we would walk about at Tsim Sha Tsui Pier / Avenue of Stars and take a cruise on Aqua Luna junk during The Symphony of Lights. I wasn't really sure of making a reservation online with Aqua Luna since none of our friends or relatives have tried Aqua Luna before and the website didn't state where to physically buy the tickets. The only information that I read in a glance was that the Aqua junk departs Central Pier no 9 at 7.45pm and Tsim Sha Tsui (Cultural Centre) Pier 1 at 7.30pm. We wanted to take the Symphony of Lights cruise since we thought it would be nice for the kids and it costed HKD50 more per person only, so doesn't really make much difference if your country's exchange rate to HKD works in your favour. 

sights to see in hong kong
Jalan-jalan Hong Kong: View of The Harbour from Tsim Sha  Tsui Cultural Centre

hong kong jalan jalan
Jalan-Jalan Hong Kong: Taking a stroll at Tsim Sha Tsui Pier While Waiting for Aqua Luna

After our early dinner, we arrived at Tsim Sha Tsui Cultural centre at about 7.00pm to soak in the beautiful skyline of Hong Kong and the relaxed atmosphere at the Cultural Centre. The kids had fun running around in the cool evening weather and were pretty excited looking at the sea though my 4 yo refused repeatedly to take the cruise when we informed him that we are waiting for the Aqua junk. But, as we waited by Pier 1, he suddenly changed his mind and was very excited to board the Aqua junk. 10 minutes before the scheduled departure time, we spotted 2 girls in black (or is it brown?) Aqua Luna shirt and black kungfu pants (err i think) with red sash at the waist holding a notepad striking off names, handing ppl stickers and asking them to queue up. I approached them stating my interest to board the Aqua junk for the 7.30pm cruise and she asked whether I have made reservations thru the website or phone and I said no. She then informed me that the 7.30pm cruise is fully booked that evening and the next. Hmm..I asked if they have a physical ticketing office and they said no, all tickets are either booked and paid for online OR you call them to reserve the seats and pay when you board the junk. If you have booked for the Aqua Luna junk cruise online, please bring along some sort of identification when boarding the Aqua junk.

jalan jalan hong kong
Jalan-jalan Hong Kong: @ The Beautiful Cultural Centre

hong kong with kids
Jalan-jalan Hong Kong: My budding photographer :)

Oh well, that was a bit of disappointment, but we have back up plans for that evening, it's off to ICC Sky100 Observation Deck! 

We returned again to Aqua Luna @ Tsim Sha Tsui on Tuesday evening for our Symphony of Lights cruise armed with Sea Bands just in case the kids got dizzy :) I like the atmosphere on the junk very romantic and chill  (if only it was just the two of us :p) The seating are also quite comfortably wide and spacious. The only  thing I regretted was picking  seat on the port (left) side of the junk. Here's a tip, if you want great pictures of Hong Kong Skyline during the Symphony of Lights show, pick a seat at the starboard (right side) as most of the buildings taking part in The Symphony of Lights show are from the Kowloon side. But, if you really want an amazing picture, I would suppose you have to be at the Pier instead of on the junk haha.. 

hong kong junk boat
Jalan-jalan Hong Kong: Finally, we got on Aqua Luna!

jalan-jalan ke hong kong
Hong Kong Jalan Jalan: The Symphony of Lights (Hong Kong Island Side)

Yours truly couldn't get any decent pictures during the entire junk ride cos the kids fell asleep 5 minutes on board. Must be the breeze.. even I feel like closing my eyes towards the last part of the cruise as it was so relaxing :) All too soon, the cruise ended and the kids woke up just as we touched land. My 4 yo demanded for his toy and we  walked up to Harbour City to find Toys R Us.. 

jalan-jalan ke hong kong
Hong Kong Jalan Jalan: The Central Pier

hong kong travel tip
Jalan Jalan Hong Kong: The beautiful view of the harbour

If you plan to visit Hong Kong and take the junk ride please visit the Aqua Luna website for more information.