Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Children Playground @ Tropicana Shopping Mall

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Indoor Playground @ Tropicana Shopping Mall

Last Saturday, we decided to check out Tropicana Shopping Mall @ PJ just out of curiosity. We didn't really know Tropicana Mall's tenants but we figured we'd just go there to eat and walk about. Tropicana Shopping Mall is bigger than your usual surburbs shopping malls though I would say that the eateries selections are a bit wanting. 

A few tenants that pique my interests are Ann's (shoe shop - super cute flats but none that could fit my foot type comfortably), Royce' (Japan brand gourmet chocolate) and some push carts at level 2 near Brickboy Brothers that sells shawls from Hong Kong that I was so desperately searching for :) 

It helps that there is also Toy R Us, The Baby Outlet and 9 kiddy rides all next to each other so that the kids can hop in and out from one to another. 

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Foam Blocks @ Children's Playground; Jkids Playground and Kids Parties

The indoor playground at Tropicana Shopping Mall is called JKids Playground and Kids Parties. Nearby, are also Gymboree and Creative Robotics. It was a stroke of luck really that there is a children playground at Tropicana Shopping Mall, cos we didn't really search for it before going there. And it really is a plus that it is not crowded at all on a Saturday evening (6pm) Admission is also reasonable for weekends at RM30 per kid per entry. (RM20 per entry on weekdays) Socks are sold at RM3 per pair at the entrance should you or your kids did not bring your socks. There is also a drop and shop service at RM30 per hour per child.

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Payground For Kids @ Traopicana Shopping Mall

At the time of our visit, there were about 9 kids at the playground, all of them friends with a birthday boy who had his birthday party there. Most of them were about ready to leave anyway. After 30 minutes, I think there were only 4 other kids there, together with my kids, that's only 6 kids in an indoor playground on a Saturday evening. That is so rare! I think this children playground is going to be our favorite hang out during the weekends to escape the maddening crowd at other shopping malls in KL.

indoor play kuala lumpur
Playground Fun @ JKids Payground

Although the indoor playground is a bit small with only 2 levels of obstacle course, I like the fact that it is widely spaced out, head space is also above my height which makes it fantastic for my back, I can stand while pushing my kid on the mini swing. Great!

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Mall With Playground : Tropicana Shopping Mall

I also love the fact that the balls' air canon (err.. thats what I call this any way) is in the middle of the pool of balls. Ingenious! My kids love it. They love looking at the balls shooting out from the canon, while they are knee deep in a pool of balls :)

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Mall With Playground : JKids @ Tropicana Shopping Mall

I also love the plenty of seating spread all around the indoor play area. There's even one opposite the pool of balls.. it makes it so much easier to oversee your kids without being too tired. 

Lockers are also provided free of charge with cute animals as the locker identification symbols. 

playground childrens
Playground fun @ Jkids Playground and Kids Parties; Tropicana Shopping Mall

We spent about 1.5 hours there and still my 4 year old didn't want to go back. J Kids Playground and Kids Parties only provide a small baby changing station without water facilities. So, if your kids need to change, they need to head to the baby room about 3 minutes walk away from the children playground. The baby room provided by Tropicana Shopping Mall is also basic 

J Kids Playground and Kids Parties are -in my opinion- good for kids 2.5 years - 4 years of age. 5 and 6 year olds might fnd it a bit boring for its lack of "challenging" obstacle course. 

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