Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Jalan Jalan Hong Kong: Sky100 with Kids

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Jalan-Jalan Ke Hong Kong : Sky100 at ICC

Sky100 Obervation Deck at ICC, Austin Road West, Kowloon was our back up plan for our first evening out in hk with the kids since the place closes late at 10.00pm. (Last admission is at 9.30pm) The observation deck is at the 100th floor of the city's tallest building and also houses The Ritz Carlton Hotel. Next to the ICC is the high end shopping mall "Elements" where even the public toilets look like a 5 star hotel bathroom. Its luxury all around here.. 

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Hong Kong Jalan Jalan: From ground floor to 100th floor in 60 seconds

Ok, I'm going off track.. back to the Sky100... The lift to the 100th floor is in 60 seconds and you hardly feel dizzy. Up on the 100th floor, the area is very spacious, small blue lights all around gives a futuristic feel to the place. There is a mini replica of Hong Kong Island and Kowloon at the small walkway leading to the 360 degrees pillarless observation deck and the kids just love looking at those tiny buildings under their feet :) 

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Hong Kong With Kids: The Walkway to the Obseration Deck; Kids love this!

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Hong Kong With Kids:Sky100

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What to do in Hong Kong With Kids: My 4yo trying to find the cross harbour tunnel .

The view is amazing. The skyline is so beautiful with skyscrapers all around, you admire the effort the city planners take to ensure that the city view is aesthetically pleasing. This is definitely the best place to have a bird's eye view of Hong Kong, better than The Peak and better that the piers. Only thing is, your pictures of the skyline will not turn out nice here unless you are a professional photographer with all the right equipments.  This is because the observation deck itself is well lit and so, when you attempt to take a picture of the skyline, the deck's reflection is more visible in the photo than the skyline. You will also not be able to enjoy The Symphony of Lights here as you are too far up, so the lights doesn't look very bright.

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Jalan-jalan Hong Kong : Some replicas on display at Sky100

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Jalan Jalan Hong Kong : The famous HK Tram Replica @ Sky100

My kids enjoyed their time there just running around the huge area and looking at the skyline, there is nothing much to do here if you don't fancy looking at skyline.. I guess we are just suckers for these things... I mean to me, looking at a country's skyline speaks a lot about how the country execute its city planning and how organized a country is. Different countries also preserved / construct buildings and roads differently and all this can only be appreciated when you look at it from a bird's view but that's just me :) 

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Things To Do In Hk: My failed attempt at taking a picture of the skyline

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Things To Do in HK: Second attempt, still no good..

More information on Sky100 Hong Kong can be found here