Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Halal Food in Hong Kong: Indian Buffet at The Great Indian Kebab Factory; Miramar Shopping Ctr

indian food buffet hong kong
Halal Indian Restaurant in Hong Kong: The Great Indian Kebab Factory

Aahhh.. buffets.. never seem to like it cos I don't really like to stuff myself crazy, but I find lunch buffets very useful and time saving when on holidays :) You can eat till your pants seems like bursting at the seams and be full till dinner.. haha so you save time eating only one big meal a day during holidays to squeeze in more sight seeing :p

We headed for The Great Indian Kebab Factory at Miramar Shopping Centre for their halal lunch buffet and arrived at 12.30pm.. mmmm...mmmm... the spread was ready, warm and inviting, we were the first to arrive yeay :) 

Indian Food Buffet in Hong Kong: The Great Indian Kebab Factory

The Great Indian Kebab Factory lunch buffet costs HKD 98 per person and kids under 3 eats free while my 4 year old was charged HKD 75 (daylight robbery since my 4 year old won't eat anything, in retrospect I should have just said that my 4 year old will go ala-carte :p ) 

The halal indian buffet spread is limited though, 1 pilaf rice (no naans), 3 types of chicken curries, 1 type of fish curry (no lamb and no seafood) no tadooris, 2 types of beans, mint chutney and fresh salads. At the dessert side, there's some indian sweets (ok I never was a big fan of this, so I don't even know their names) 1 dish described as "Indian Street Food" -heh?- and small and crispy puri with mint sauce poured over it. Drinks are not part of the indian buffet.

I have to say that if you have the money to spend, The Great Indian Kebab Factory serves fantastic halal indian food in a very comfortable setting. Another plus point is, it is inside Miramar Shopping Centre, so you can do a spot of shopping after lunch and also a short walk from the groovy Kimberly Street and Granville Road for chic and affordable fashion fix.

We ate there twice, the second time for dinner on our final night in Hong Kong and the place was full. We were lucky to wait 10 minutes before a table clear but after that everyone seems to be taking their own sweet time drinking and chatting. This is one popular indian restaurant in Hong Kong it seems, all tables are occupied by indian patrons except for ours! Wow! You almost forget that you are in Hong Kong :)

For the buffet lunch this was what we had:

hong kong halal
Halal Food In Hong Kong : The Buffet Lunch

muslim food hong kong
Halal Food In Hong Kong : Buffet Lunch

eating in hong kong
Halal Food In Hong Kong: Grilled Chicken Ala-Carte

Halal Food In Hong Kong: Naan also Ala-Carte

The pilaf rice is light and fluffy, it goes very well with the thick and flavorful curries, the dhaals, potatoes and vegetables are all very nicely done, not soggy still crunchy. I especially like the fresh salad, even though its just plain carrots, cucumber, tomatoes and chilies, but the freshness of it just whet your appetite. 

The grilled chicken is tender and goes hand in hand with the sweet tasting grilled potatoes. Naan, is soft and buttery and not too big. My only disappointment with TGIKF is their drinks. We ordered mango lassi and masala tea -as usual- the mango lassi was ordinary -so no complaints here- while the  mango lassi was weak, they use tea satchet and you can barely taste the spices and milk. What a bummer!

For our farewell night dinner, we ordered ala-carte:

muslim travel
Halal Food In Hong Kong: The Great Indian Kebab Factory

1 Lamb Bryani, 2 Butter Naans, 1 Kadhai Chicken, lemon tea and strawberry lassi. Drinks were discouraging as per usual, but the food was outstanding yet again. If you are not a big eater, the lamb bryani can be shared by two person, the lamb portion is very generous and so tender it practically melt in your mouth. The bryani was infused with spices that makes it rich and aromatic.. yummy.. despite being sick of indian food already I couldn't stop myself from enjoying the food :) 

The Kadhai Chicken was the waitress' recommendation since we are quite sick of butter chicken, and we were totally blown by it's flavor.. I wonder if we can find this dish in Malaysia? Cos I am sure it will be our firm favorite. The curry is thick and slightly spicy with the chilies but the jalapenos gives it a sweet crunchy taste. Goes very well with the naan. 

Aaaah.. we walked out of the halal indian restaurant with our stomach full and our wallets thinner..eeekss.. better to stick to Turkish Kebab or Chung King Mansion for daily eats!

The Great Indian Kebab Factory is at Shop 8, Level 2, Miramar Shopping Ctr, No 132, Nathan Road, TST. Tel: 2317 7008

Map Of Miramar Shopping Centre:

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