Wednesday, September 12, 2012

The Gardens KL: Indoor Play

Indoor Play at The Gardens KL

My kids loved Kids E-World at Ikano Power Centre so much that last weekend we decided to treat them to Kids E-World at The Gardens Mall, I mean since it is such an upscale shopping mall as compared to Ikano Power Centre, the indoor play there should be much better to cater to the crowd that it attracts, logical isn't it? Well, apparently, in all reality, it's not. We were disappointed just by looking into the indoor play at the entrance but the kids were already super excited and we didn't want to rain on their parade, so, we let them in. 

Kids E-World at The Gardens KL

Indoor Playground KL

I guess if you haven't been to Kids E-World at Ikano, then it won't be so bad, plus they provide lockers here, which is great cos you won't have to lug your bag and still have a peace of mind. The play area is cheerful yes, but I find it cramped, too many play things too near each other plus the cafes and sitting areas are also in that cramped space. We were there during the weekend and the crowd is more than we are used to in any indoor play areas as we tend to avoid weekends generally.

What bothered me are a few things:

1) the pendulum ball carousel (i don't now how to describe it but if you have been to enough indoor play areas you know what I mean ) is too near the pool of balls that if one kid were to swing on the ball fast and another kid was standing at the side watching the kids in pool of balls, the swinging kid could hit the oblivious standing kid.

2) pool of balls are too small for the crowd that they cater to and the area that they have, just do away with one of the under-utilized huge teddy bear or octopus.

3) 1 of the swings rope looked unbalanced. 

4) my biggest gripe - having had to pay RM100 for 3x entrance on a weekend - is that the shooting ball area is broken. The big vacuum that sucks in the ball and spurts them in the air is broken, the vacuum is not strong enough to suck in the ball although it is on all the time. The guns that lined the upper deck (10 of them) are not working except for 1 and that also is losing power fast. The only thing working was the 2 canonball machines that my sons are scared off. I complained (about problem no4 only) to the worker, who said that he will escalate this problem to his superior. Next, I saw a worker going to the area to check it out but he only checks out the canon ball machines (which was working -duh- ) he didn't even check the guns on the upper deck. Needless to say.. it was very frustrating. Even if I didn't complain, common sense would have made the staff wonder, why is this popular section deserted when the rest of the other less popular areas are crowded?

Vacuum on but suction power is weak

deserted - didn't that raise a q mark?

spoiled guns all 10 of them except for 1

Yes, I guess I am unhappy with the visit and my kids? what did they play with? They played with the giant blocks at the side and watch the ecavators and cranes doing work at the construction area opposite the building  from the floor to ceiling windows.. yup.. waste of money indeed. and yes.. no question about it, I shall not return here again with my kids. But, don't let my sentiments cloud your judgement. If, you live around the area, or are staying at the hotel near The Gardens, then this place could be your refuge during the weekdays, otherwise, try the Ikano Power Centre's Kids E-World, I like that much better.  

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