Thursday, September 13, 2012

Menara KL / KL Tower with Kids

kl with kids
Menara KL / KL Tower Pony Ride

 Menara KL or KL Tower is a telecommunication tower situated at the top of Bukit Nanas, rising 421 metres above sea level. The observation deck is open to public and while KL Tower doesn't really score high on the list of things to do in KL as the views (in my opinion) are nothing fantastic and there isn't  really much to do at the observation deck, it is an option to entertain the kids if you are in KL for a quite a bit or looking for children activities during the weekend. 

kuala lumpur attractions for kids
The Pony Ride at KL Tower

We did the observation deck + XD Theater package last weekend. We also went into the Animal Zone, which was small but still interesting. The admission prices stated at the entrance is RM15(adults) and RM10 (kids 6-12 yrs) but the admission prices at menarakl website differ. There are different species of snakes on display, spiders, some geckos, colorful birds; including a white peacock, turtles, coatamundi and a variety of monkeys (some of them fiddling with the nuts and bolts intent on getting out of captivity). The short round satisfied my kids' animal addiction for the week. Outside, a pony ride awaits, but it has started to drizzle and the admission is higher than Tasik Titiwangsa's pony ride, so we gave that a miss. We also didn't check out the F1 stimulation ride. 

KL With Kids: KL Tower Animal Zone

KL Kids : Admission Prices for KL Tower Animal Zone

At the observation deck of Menara KL, my kids went around happily peering into the binoculars provided, oohing and aaahing at the mini cars on the roads and buildings after buildings. Kids... they are so easily entertained. The view didn't astound me, maybe because it was cloudy that day.. we stayed at the top for about 30 minutes. 

KL Kids: An Albino Python @ KL Tower Animal Zone

kids kuala lumpur
Kids Kuala Lumpur: A pretty bird @ KL Tower Animal Zone

Back down, hubby headed straight for the XD Theater saying he bought a package and asked all of us to go in. (He must have felt sore that I stopped him from trying out a similar ride at The Gardens Mall, saying that the kids will not enjoy it) This time around, I just followed without protesting. And.. the ride started.. a stimulation of roller coaster ride using 3D glasses, with jerky chairs and wind blasting on your face, featuring broken tracks, crashing into tunnels, stopping mid air before spiralling downwards.. and what nots.. best fun I ever had after retiring from thrill rides ages ago.. the best part of it is that you know it's not real, so the fear factor doesn't exist, you just go along and enjoy this "scary" thrill. 

Kuala Lumpur Kids: A Coatamundi @ KL Tower Animal Zone

Aaahh.. but the kids? they stayed quiet through out, probably out of shock..traumatised.. my 2.5 yo started crying when it's all 4 yo kept asking in his sad voice "Why do we have to go for the "show" Daddy?" and afterwards kept asking more questions unrelentingly..wanting an answer as to why we subjected him to such torture.. what warrants this punishment.. sigh.. I knew this would happen..I felt really awful not putting my feet poor kids.. The last simulation ride effectively erased from their memories all the fun things that we did with them that day prior to the ride, all that is haunting them is the ride.. man.. what a waste of bonding time... if you have small kids like mine, please avoid the XD Theater while 10 years old onwards might really find it fun. 

Kuala Lumpur Kids: First time seeing and albino turtle @ KL Tower Animal Zone

Kuala Lumpur Kids: A two-headed turtle! That is real! 

For admission prices and operating hours, please visit KL Tower's official website here.