Monday, September 24, 2012

Halal Food Disneyland Hong Kong

Back from a recent 7 days and 6 nights Hong Kong trip..hmm..still think it's not enough haha especially since when you are travelling with kids, you can't cramp all the sights in one day and just have to go slow when sightseeing. 

Our Disney Hong Kong trip was actually quite impromptu as we originally intended to go to HK Dolphin Watch Cruise that day but missed the scheduled shuttle by 7 mins (major disappointment for me since the cruise only run 3x a week and I woke up particularly early that day) as such we decided to go to Disney instead and arrived very early even before Hong Kong Disneyland Park opening time. (Park opens at 10.30am) since yours truly actually packed for the cruise which only provide cookies and hot drinks; there was a cup of instant noodle in the back pack which we had to throw away as it wasn't allowed inside Hong Kong Disney upon inspection at the entry. (What a waste of cup noodle since you can't get a halal certified cup noodles in Hong Kong :p) 

Anyway, it wasn't a big deal since Disneyland Hong Kong has taken the effort to cater to the halal needs of its visitors by providing one halal certified restaurant at its park. The restaurant is called "Tahitian Terrace" and is located at Adventureland of Hong Kong Disneyland. 

halal food in hong kong disneyland
Halal Food in Hong Kong Disneyland: Singapore Laksa

Tahitian Terrace offers asian delights and we sat at the alfresco area of the restaurant. You got to be careful not to leave your food unattended though since the birds are just waiting to have a peck at the food. We had satay, prata, bryani rice, chicken soup and laksa. 

Food in Disneyland Hong Kong
Halal Food in Disneyland Hong Kong : Bryani, Kebab, Chicken Tandoori

Hubby liked the laksa though I personally feel that it tasted like it came out from an instant packet and the laksa noodle didn't absorb the creamy taste of the gravy. The satay and its peanuts gravy was nice (though still taste like it came out from an instant packet), bryani rice was not fluffy and a bit bland, the kebab was spicy, but the tandoori chicken was acceptable. Prata was a bit tough but palatable once dipped with the gravy (tasted a bit like butter chicken) that accompanied the bryani. The best dish that we ordered was the chinese chicken soup (hey we are in Hong Kong after all and chinese dish should be their specialty :) ) my no 2 slurped the chicken soup till the last drop. 

Halal Food Disneyland Hong Kong: Satay, Prata and Chicken Soup

Yours truly, of course couldn't go without her milk tea, and upon ordering finally understood why Disneyland Hong Kong deny the entry of my cup noodle haha.. it's because all hot drinks are 3 in 1 and they provide a hot water station so.. some ppl can just pour that hot water in their cup noodles :p 

Halal Food Disneyland Hong Kong: My 3-in-1 milk tea

All in all, we weren't expecting much since the price of the halal dishes are quite reasonable (my tea costed HKD2) and we are just happy that there is a halal restaurant in Disneyland Hong Kong so that we can spend a longer time in Disneyland Park without having to go hungry the whole day :) Now, if only there is a prayer room in Hong Kong Disneyland, that would have completed the whole experience but since I couldn't pray that day and hubby is not really the type who like to ask, we don't know for sure whether such facility exists.. 

All we know is it was a wonderful day out with the kids since they enjoyed meeting Mickey and Minnie so much :)

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