Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Middle Eastern Restaurant in Hong Kong Review : Mr Kebab opposite Kowloon Mosque

halal hong kong
Halal Food In Hong Kong at Haiphong Masion, TST

We had dinner at Mr Kebab @ Haiphong Mansion, 2F, 53-55 Haiphong Rd, TST after taking the Aqua Luna junk ride during the Symphony of Lights at TST pier and going to Toys R Us at Harbour City as my 4 yo was asking for a blue car that he saw another boy playing with earlier in the day at Victoria Peak's playground. 

So, yup, we walked from TST Pier to Harbour City Shopping Ctr and then from there to Haiphong Road. It wasn't too far I guess. 

halal food hongkong
Hong Kong Halal Food : Mr Kebab's Interior

We didn't even know that Haiphong Mansion was facing Kowloon Mosque, nor did we know of Mr Kebab. We actually intended to go to Mughal Club (a halal certified indian restaurant listed in the Trustees of the Islamic Community Fund of Hong Kong halal restaurants list) but since Mr Kebab was just in front of the lift and the owner greeted us when we were looking, and asked us to come in a few times, we just didn't have the heart to walk away. 

muslim food in hong kong
Halal Restaurant in Hong Kong: My 4 yo enjoying the bread

Mr Kebab has just recently opened two weeks before our visit. The interior of the restaurant is cosy and the lady serving us was quite chatty. The only other table occupied besides us was by two Air France stewards, who are also daddies and just got back from Toys R Us as well :) 

Hubby ordered the appetizers (hummus and 3 other types which I am unfamiliar of), mixed grill plate, plain bryani rice (for my 2.5 yo) bread and pizza (we asked for plain cheese pizza as that's the only kind of pizza my 4yo will eat).
halal food in hong kong
Mr Kebab at Haiphong Mansion: The Mukhallal - Pickled Vegetables

First came the mukhallal (pickled vegetables) which in my 3 years residing in Cairo, I never seemed to favor because of the vinegar taste. But the mukhallal here is very refreshing, just the right hint of vinegar -not too heavy- and the vegetables tasted fresh and not spongy. First time I enjoyed a mukhallal. 

halal hong kong
Muslim Food in Hong Kong: The Appetizers

Next came the appetizers and bread. The bread was soft and warm, and I like 3 out of 4 appetizers, the hummus is one of the best I have tasted, very authentic, with smooth texture without diluting the taste of the chickpeas, the other appetizer tasted similar to the hummus but mixed with a kind of green leaf, I can't really tell the difference except that it was nice. The next one, if I guess correctly is the soft and smoky baba ghanoush, while the last one that I didn't quite like is alien to me haha.. it tasted a bit like yoghurt, hubby liked it though.

halal hong kong
Halal Food in Hong Kong: The Cheese Pizza

Then came the huge pizza, with soft dough and cheesy topping, unfortunately instead of a tomato base, the pizza has no sauce base and came with sliced tomatoes and pepper bells instead. Not too bad, but not what the kids was expecting, plus the cheesy topping is just plain mozarella (I think) 

halal hong kong
Halal Food Hong Kong: The Mixed Grill

The mixed grill was good, there was kebab, shish tawook, chicken meat and some innards. Everything tasted nice except for the innards! That was plain weird!

Halal Food in Hong Kong: Bryani Rice

The bryani rice was a disappointment though, plain and bland in my opinion. 

While we were eating a group of middle eastern men came in and we could hear them asking what's on the menu and whether the dishes are fresh and how they wanted some dishes cooked in Turkish style and another guy wanting the same dish in Egyptian style, and we didn't know what they ordered (though I heard  something like Fasoolia) and man when the dish came, it smelt really nice, wish we could have tried it haha.. 

All in all, maybe if we knew the right dishes to order (the owner is Egyptian, so most probably Egyptian dishes are his forte) it would have been a really wonderful dinner but the price of the dishes are a bit on the high side, dinner here will cost u about the same as dinner at Spice Restaurant at Knutsford Terrace, though the ambience is far less chic here. Any restaurants at Chung King Mansion will be way cheaper.

Map of Mr Kebab: 

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