Thursday, June 26, 2014

Seafood Dinner Sepang Gold Coast @ HM Sri Bagan, Bagan Lalang

This is another extremely overdue post since we actually ate here in February! Was quite hesitant to do a post on this because of the very bad photos but looking at the fact that I will not be going there again anytime soon.. I might as well write the post. 

the super slow traffic en-route to Bagan Lalang / Sepang Gold Coast

It was the weekend and hubby's friend was feeling generous to treat us to a seafood dinner, another friend staying near Kajang recommended HM Sri Bagan @ Bagan Lalang so off we go to Bagan Lalang. We opted to go earlier than the other two since the google maps shows the place to be quite far off. The road was particularly congested that day.. it was super slow with very little chance of overtaking other cars so we moved at a snail pace for about 40 minutes. 

seafood sedap bagan lalang
HM Sri Bagan @ Bagan Lalang

We reached Bagan Lalang slightly before 7pm took the left turn instead of the right so we ended up at Golden Palms resort instead haha. HM Sri Bagan is actually at the other end, so we made a U-turn and drove to the other end. 

When we arrived, the seating area overlooking the sea was already full so we had to sit at the side facing the trees. The kids entertained themselves trying to catch a glimpse of the monkeys. I told hubby to order something for the kids first since I'm pretty sure the other two families were going to be stucked in the jam as well and will take another 40 minutes to reach the restaurant, it would even be best if we can order for them so that the food will arrive faster and we won't have to wait long for dinner. Hubby okay-ed my first request but axed the second suggestion since it was the friend that was going to buy us dinner so we can't order first without him :p

halal seafood bagan lalang
Chinese Fried Rice @ HM Sri Bagan @ Sepang Gold Coast / Bagan Lalang

Fried turmeric chicken @ HM Sri Bagan, Bagan Lalang

So, we ordered chinese fried rice and fried turmeric chicken for the kids. It came in 20 minutes and the taste was ok, average and no complaints :) As the kids were finishing up their meal, the other parties arrive and the men started for the counter to order. Estimated waiting time for order to be ready? 1 hour. (i think it's due to the big crowd and the small kitchen, personally I think that if you provide a big space for a big crowd, you should have a kitchen big enough to handle the crowd not expect the crowd to wait 1- 1 1/2 hour for their food). 

I wasn't particularly affected that evening since I had ensured my kids were already full :p but I do pity the other kids. Our food came at around 9pm since we ordered at around 8pm. But the food is worth the wait. Yummy! If it weren't because of the mains at the men's table I would have cleaned the plate haha! 

The dishes were:

seafood best sepang gold coast
Pepahat Masak Pedas @ HM Sri Bagan, Bagan Lalang

Pepahat masak pedas - spicy bamboo snails, this dish was my firm favorite that evening, it was my first time eating bamboo snails, I normally refrain from eating snails as they are a tad slimy but these bamboo snails were not slimy at all, in fact they tasted a bit like lala or mussels except thinner and the spicy sauce was divine! not too spicy and not too sweet. 

best halal food near golden palms resort
Butter Fried Prawns @ HM Sri Bagan, Bagan Lalang / Sepang Gold Coast

Udang goreng butter, crispy fried butter prawns were also delicious, the skin is half peeled making it easier to eat. This is a dry version, there is no buttery sauce at the bottom of the plate.

makan best dekat golden palms resort
Lemongrass Crabs @ HM Sri Bagan, Bagan Lalang / Sepang Gold Coast

The crabs was also very yummy, very sweet tasting meat that's all that I can recall haha! Sorry, can't even remember the name of the dish...

makan best seafood bagan lalang
Crispy fried squids @ HM Sri Bagan @ Bagan Lalang / Sepang Gold Coast 

Crispy fried squids,very crispy and batter is not tasteless, among the better ones that I have tasted.

Sweet and sour grouper @ HM Sri Bagan @ Bagan Lalang / Sepang Gold Coast

I didn't really eat much of this dish cos my stomach was already protesting at this time. But no complaints from the others, so I'm assuming its good as the other dishes .

Overall, it was a good dinner (since someone else was buying :p), the food didn't disappoint but the drinks were so-so. If you don't mind the long drive and the long wait, give it a try, if you don't want to wait too long, come around 6pm. 

Prayer area is provided but I think the toilet leaves much to be desired and best to just have your wudhu' before coming.

HM Sri Bagan Restaurant is at 

Sepang, Pantai Perkhemahan Bagan Lalang,
Sungai Pelek

Map of HM Sri Bagan: