Friday, June 20, 2014

Halal Chinese Restaurant @ Kota Damansara "Jom Cari Makan"

jom cari makan kota damansara
Halal Chinese Restaurant @ Sunway Damansara ; JCM

It was the weekends months back and since I have given up hope of eating at D'Cengkih during weekends due to lack of parking and the crowd in the restaurant, I told hubby let's just explore Kota Damansara. After a quick discussion of what you want to eat, its ok I have no preference, what do you want to eat? We figured chinese would be an acceptable compromise for both of us. 

A quick google search shows two halal chinese restaurant at Kota Damansara area Homst and JCM. We used to eat at Homst TTDI until a certain incident years ago and hubby refused to go there ever since so we decided to try JCM since it also offers dim sum (hubby is currently crazy over dim sum, I don't know why)

Actually, if its truly up to me, I would just pick a nasi campur restaurant cos it was quite late and I knew that the kids were ravenous but I didn't say much to hubby, in the end the second son acted up while the food was being prepared and then slept on my lap so I couldn't get a better picture of the food (excuses excuses :p)

Parking was horrendous (typical in Kota Damansara, I really wonder how developers plan retail shoplots without sufficient parking??) we parked by the roadside.

JCM is on the same stretch as Sari Ratu (ate there once, not going to do a review about it, suffice to say the Jalan TAR branch is waaaay nicer)

halal restaurant sri kdu
Halal Chinese Restaurant @ Sunway Damansara

JCM restaurant was basic but very spacious, the kids entertained themselves for a bit with the fish tank, looking at the big fishes and the turtles, then my no 2 started to act up.

We ordered dim sum ( no picture sorry but quite nice to uncultured me), butter prawn (the flossy kind) butter chicken (the one with gravy) and sambal sotong on a hot plate. 

damansara halal chinese restaurant
Butter (Floss) Prawns @ Jom Cari Makan; Sunway Damansara 

The butter prawn was nice though the floss was a tad salty and not as sweet as I would like it to be. But the prawns were big, fresh and juicy.

restoran cina halal sunway damansara
Butter Chicken (with gravy) @ JCM Sunway Damansara

The butter chicken also was delicious and I will unabashedly admit that I finished up most of the squid! So nice! not so spicy and not so sweet, perfect balance! haha.. Actually I think we ordered a few more dishes like mee goreng for my no 1 son and a vegetable dish, maybe broccoli in oyster sauce but erm.. I can't seem to recall them since this is such a belated post. However, I do love the food that I ordered there and to me JCM is nicer than Homst Kota Damansara branch (we tried that a few weeks after but find that the TTDI branch is better and don't think we will be going there again) , so between JCM and Homst if we were to head out to Kota Damansara, we will pick JCM any time.

jjcm kota damansara
Spicy Squid on a hotplate @ JCM Sunway Damansara

I saw some pictures of their food on their fb account and I am itching to go back to try other dishes :) The only downside is that their drinks are sickeningly sweet. Got to ask them to lay back on the sugar for the drinks.

Another plus point? This restaurant do home deliveries via kitchenonwheels (check out their fb page cos I tried to check out their website repeatedly but can't seem to load)

halal food deliveries mutiara damansara
Halal food home delivery via kitchenonwheels

Jom Cari Makan address:
31-1 to 33-1 Jalan PJU 5/12
Dataran Sunway
47810 Petaling Jaya

Opening hours : 10 am - 11.00pm Daily
Map of JCM:

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