Friday, June 27, 2014

Seafood Gluttony @ Tip Top Ikan Bakar JB

Hubby had to go to a seminar in JB for 2 days and we decided to tag along cos we intended to go into Singapore during the weekend. At the back of my mind, I also wanted to explore the food joints in JB hehe.. so the first night I googled "seafood best di JB" and a lot of people seem to be recommending Tip Top Ikan Bakar @ Sungai Chat which is very near Thistle. So, with great excitement, we set off to Tip Top Ikan Bakar with a very vague idea of where it is. (For the sake of my readers, I will put a map of Tip Top Ikan Bakar at the end of this post :p )

johor eats halal food
Chili Crabs @ Tip Top Ikan Bakar; JB

We came slightly before Maghrib since reviews state that seats are limited and they tend to fill up fast.The Ikan Bakar stall is the at the far end of the rows of shops (If you come from Jalan Sungai Chat and turn into Jalan Mohd Amin then it's the first stall just beside the cendol stall) 

We ordered chili crabs since it came recommended, butter prawns, garlic prawns (i think) and grilled sea bass, yup we pretty much gorged on seafood that night  >.<  

johor restaurants seafood
Butter Prawns @ Tip Top Ikan Bakar @ JB

Chili crabs were fantastic, very close to Singapore chili crabs, I prefer the garlic prawns over the butter prawns but still both dishes were nice and the sea bass though not the crispy kind that I like was still yummy with the sambal over it. Nice nice nice! We were very satisfied that evening but was bursting our seams so we couldn't get to try the famous cendol plus our kids were cranky over the ants on the table and lizards walking up the pillars so we got to end it quick. 

makan sedap johor baru
Garlic Prawns @ Tip Top Ikan Bakar; Johor

seafood sedap johor baru
Siakap Bakar @ Tip Top Ikan Bakar; Johor Baru

On the way to washing our hands near the seafood selection area, suddenly we noticed the Chinese lady boss busy calculating the day's earnings and another chinese lad greeted us if we would like to order (both were not there when we first ordered). We weren't aware that Tip Top Ikan Bakar is chinese owned though the cooks look like Malays, it's not that we minded it that much, it's just that when so many Malays recommended Tip Top Ikan Bakar as the best place for ikan bakar in JB, it would be nice to just say that "owner dia cina" so that its clear to all and people can decide to eat there based on preference. 

tip top ikan bakar alamat
Tip Top Ikan Bakar @ Jalan Sungai Chat; JB

Ok, so Tip Top Ikan Bakar is at Sungai Chat, from Jalan Skudai, turn left into Jalan Sungai Chat (you will see Medan Selera Sungai Chat at the side of the road (the one that sells Murtabak Singapore) take the first right and drive straight to Jalan Mohd Amin. Its a whole row of hawker stalls, you can't miss it.

Map of Tip Top Ikan Bakar:

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