Wednesday, May 14, 2014

My Third Google Adsense Paycheck (Singapore)

adsense google blog payout
Adsense Cheque Payment - Singapore

Yeay! The third cheque from google adsense came in last month. This time around it took exactly 5 months for me to hit the payout threshold. I was quite happy since my target earlier was to hit the payout threshold in 8 months. I am not sure if the result is going to repeat itself in the next 5 months though. (As usual the cheque came in by mail, adsense earnings have been converted to SGD and all I have to do is to drop the cheque as per normal at my bank - in my case POSB)

Most of my higher paying clicks come from the travel posts and the earning spikes usually come during school holidays (december being the highest earning month for me usually). My youtube videos are also contributing at USD8-10 per month higher than the initial USD2-3 per months previously. 

Majority of my earnings are still from Malaysia and Singapore and I think Nuffnang must have read about my comments previously about how small my earnings are with them that I don't even get any Sponsored Posts nor CPUV campaigns anymore. Of course I get the occasional "blogbuster" campaigns offer but then who has the time to make videos? I mean if I'm so good at making advert videos I might as well set up a creative agency myself. 

Anyways, it's a busy period for me at this moment as I'm mugging for exams. Haven't update my blog that much since Jan. Will probably start back blogging normally mid June after exams! I wonder how that will affect my first half of the year earnings :) 

Until then..Ciaoz!