Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Allergy to Sanitary Pads - I turn to Seventh Generation and Natracare

I always knew that I have very sensitive skin down there, even as a teenager I would avoid Laurier ultra thin pads (the ones with the plastic surface) as I would get itchy using the pads during my period. I survived my teenage years with SOFY (the ultra long overnight wings one as I have really heavy flow the first few days). I also avoid scented pantiliners as they also make me itch. 

Sometime in  2003 (I think) my sister's (then) company was commissioned to do an ad for Kotex Luxe and she got one whole carton of Kotex Luxe pads that she gave to me and lasted me for about a year. Haha.. I never turned back since and always used Kotex Luxe until a few months back. I realized that since my body has recovered from all the hormonal changes of my no 2 pregnancy, my period is slowly reverting back to my original (pre-pregnancy) cycle. So, instead of 5 days of period every month, I am gradually going back to my 10-12 days period. The last 2 months, I realized that after using Kotex Luxe for 7 days.. I would break out with red bumps on the 8th day and it really made life miserable. It was difficult to walk and pee and it's not comfortable at all. 

So, I decided to search for organic pads. A quick search about allergies to sanitary pads reveals that Natracare and Seventh Generation came recommended, though Natracare is more "earth-friendly" as compared to Seventh Generation. Some also suggested going for the menstruation cup to be even more green but err.. I don't think I can do that! I'm scared to even put a tampon in there let alone a menstruation cup! Having to fold it a certain way and taking it out when full.. OMG I don't think so!

organic pads
Pads for sensitive skin: Seventh Generation

So, I was thinking where to get Seventh Generation in Kuala Lumpur? Tesco? I don't think so.. I think maybe Cold Storage will be a better bet. I headed to Cold Storage at Ikano Power Ctr and yes they do carry Seventh Generation pads but woah is it expensive. But for the sake of my sensitive *down there* sigh.. what choice do I have? I bought Overnight Maxi Pads with Wings and Chlorine free super long ultra thin pads with wings. 

The description on the packaging says :
*Chlorine Free (surface pads)
*Fragrance and dye free
* Gynaecologist tested

7 Gs pads chlorine free gynae tested
Sevenths Generation Ultra Thin Pads with Wings

allergic to sanitary pads
Seventh Generation Ultra Thin Pads

I tried the ultra thin pads first since it was my first day of period and boy was it really thin. I was a bit skeptical whether it can do its job well. But surprisingly, it really works and no leaks! Just for experimenting I tried the maxi pad the next change. I really like the maxi pad, the cotton surface is really soft and err the 1 cm thickness give me an added assurance (Ok I know thickness shouldn't matter BUT it's just a psychological thing for me).

sanitary pads brands in malaysia
Seventh Generation Maxi Pads with Wings: I love this pad!

pad untuk kulit sensitif
Seventh Generation Maxi Pads With Wings :Thickness is about 1 cm

So, yup last month's period, I was using 7-G's (the slang for seventh generation) all the way and yeay no more red bumps!

Then, a few weeks back I decided to go to "JustLife" shop at Ikano Basement 1 (the organic shop) and saw that they carry "Natracare"! I thought hey I must try this brand but I bought a panty liner cos ever since the breakout and reading up on all the nasty things that are put in normal liners and pads, I am like ewww.. no way.." But it is hard not to use a panty liner, unless you change underwear 3-4 times a day. My make-shift solution was to use 2-3 cotton pads to replace the liners but its not practical as you have to change cotton pads every time you visit the toilet.

where to buy natracare in KL
Natracare Panty Liner

Natracare Panty Liner (Normal)

Natracare (organic and natural) Panty Liners (Normal) (RM18.90 for 18 liners -man that's expensive!)
The description on the box says:
*  Organic Cotton Cover
* Plastic Free
* Perfume Free
*Chlorine Free

The panty liner is really thin but I don't like the surface, its kind of rough plus it doesn't really stick on the underwear if you are using other than cotton underwear. It also bunches up and the cover seams break easily. So, after using this for a few times, I decided to try another brand.

allergic to biosilk liners
Biosilk Panty Liner Malaysia

This time around, while shopping at Tesco, I saw Biosilk Liners. Description on the pack:
*Natural Herbs Lining
*Eliminates Odours
*Refreshing feeling
*Ultra thin / Superb Absorption

The refreshing feeling and superb absorption kind of trigger warning bells in my mind since the pack doesn't list what the liners are made of (which I think should be a standard enforced by a body), it could be anything my body might be allergic to. But then it also states that the liners:

allergic tuala wanita
Biosilk Liners @ Tesco

*relieves itching & curbs germs
*gets rid of peculiar smells and improves leucorrhoea (whatever that is)

anty liner brands in malaysia
Biosilk Liner

So, I thought yeah maybe I'll give it a try.  I opened it, the smells kind of strong, it is about the same thinness as natracare liner, surface is also rough but Natracare's surface is organic cotton while BioSilk surface I think has some plastic elements to it. I tried it and in a few seconds I yelped in agony and threw the thing away. The stinging feeling was terrible and in the evening my *down there* was very red and painful. It lasted till next day. I decided to google "Biosilk Liners Reviews" but couldn't seem to find anyone saying that they had an allergic reaction to it, in fact a few bloggers actually said that the liners helped them with their itchiness and discharge. So, am I the only one that is sensitive to it? I wouldn't recommend it to anyone. Really, the pain was terrible and to think I only put it on less than 1 minute and the reaction was bad. What if I "persevered" and put in on the whole day? *shudder*