Sunday, April 13, 2014

KL For Kids : Trial Class at Little Gym Malaysia - Sri Hartamas S.C.

kids fun classes kuala lumpur
Little Gym Malaysia @ Sri Hartamas S.C

We would usually head out for Hartamas Shopping Centre during weekend evenings if the kids want to go to Toys R US and we don't want the hassle of finding parking space at Ikano. I would always peer into Little Gym Malaysia but never had the chance to go in since they close at around 7-7.30pm. However, around 4 weeks back, we were having a super lazy weekend and decided to go to Sri Hartamas S.C for lunch and a trip to Toys R Us (where else?). I took the opportunity to pop by Little Gym just out of curiosity hehe.. 

I think when I went in, the trainers were preparing for a class and were disinfecting the training area (plus point, I feel good about the cleanliness already haha), the person who briefed me was super friendly and informed me that I can register for my kids for a free trial class and then see if they like it I can enrol them then. Well, since it's a free trial class why not?? hahaha.. but of course I had made up my mind to enrol the boys if they like it cos they need to get some form of exercise instead of just staying at home and watching tv or playing the ipad. 

kids gym kl hartamas mont kiara
Kids Waiting area @ Little Gym Malaysia, Sri Hartamas S.C

Since my two sons are 4 years old and 5.5 years old, the only combined class for them would be on weekdays cos on weekends they would have to be in two separate class and I think that would be a bit of a hassle for me. So we decided to take the friday session for the trial class. 

kota damansara classes for kids
Having fun before class starts :)

We came early and the kids had fun at the waiting area playing with the puzzles, the cushions and of course finishing up the paper cups at the water dispenser area. I had to ask them to go to the toilet first before class starts :p luckily they have a kids toilet inside little gym itself and its very clean (another plus point cos I don't really like going to public toilets). 

The class starts and the trainers made it a point to greet all the kids with their names, the trainers are really fun and friendly and didn't really push the shy ones if they don't feel like joining first, but they would repeatedly call the shy ones by their names and ask if they would like to give it a try. Luckily for my two sons, my second one is very enthusiastic and gung-ho, so he is always ready to try something new, while my more reserved no 1 would wait for the lil brother to go first and then try it himself. 

kuala lumpur for kids classes mont kiara
Warming up at Little Gym Sri Hartamas Trial Class

kids gym mont kiara
Pretending to be aeroplanes @ Little Gym Malaysia Sri Hartamas

The session was full of energy with  upbeat music and the kids were just jumping around, rolling and balancing and doing what they basically want throughout the 1 hour session. I was just so happy that they enjoyed it and I enrolled them on the spot :) Fees per month is RM260 and you get a 10% discount for the second sibling, you also need to pay a RM160 annual membership fee (the fee is for the whole family not individual, so I just paid RM160 for both kids not RM160 each). 

little gym kl
waiting for their turn to do jumping and forward rolls :)

The next friday, we came for the class and it was sports day so they did more sports based activities rather that gymnastics but the kids love it too and my no 1 was more confident this time. After the class he even announced that he wants to go to the gym everyday haha but of course mummy said no its only once a week. 

The Little Gym Malaysia is also opening another branch soon at Encorp Strand Mall but I don't think I will be moving them to that branch since traffic and parking is horrendous at that area!

kl little gym
Having fun at Little Gym Malaysia @ Sri Hartamas S.C

Little Gym Malaysia offer classes from 10 months (with parent's participation of course) to 12 years old. Check out their website for more details.  

The Little Gym Sri Hartamas is at:

P-18 Plaza Ground Floor,
Hartamas Shopping Centre

Tel: 03-62119233

The Little Gym Kota Damansara is at:

F-37 Encorp Strand Mall

Tel: 03-22016292

Checkout their facebook here