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Halal Peranakan Restaurant @ Joo Chiat - Casa Bom Vento

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Halal Peranakan Restaurant : Casa Bom Vento - Joo Chiat

I have been wanting to try out the halal peranakan restaurant at Joo Chiat Road since forever but didn't get the chance until last May when I had to travel back to Singapore every week. Sadly, I couldn't write a review about it until now and I think I should really stop taking too long writing reviews cos by then I could not recall the names of the dishes that I tried!

So, I am so sorry that this review will not be much other than food photos and the fact that the food at Casa Bom Vento is indeed delicious!

I came down on a Saturday around 1.30pm with hubby and I initially thought that the restaurant would be somewhere further up a bit from the Hajjah Maimunah Restaurant stretch, so we braved the super slow traffic hoping that we would see the restaurant soon :p Alas the restaurant is actually nearer to 112 Katong (the T-Junction there) than to Joo Chiat Complex! Aside from slow traffic because of traffic lights, parking space is also very difficult to get, so hubby dropped me off at the restaurant to order and he parked at 112 Katong (less than 5 minutes walk)

I went into Casa Bom Vento by myself, the restaurant is quite small, though I am not sure if they have more seating areas upstairs. The menu is also quite limited. I started to worry that hubby would not be pleased. All dishes are accompanied with pictures in the menu, so pardon me, I don't remember the dishes names but maybe you can compare my pictures with the pictures in the menu :p

I had initially wanted to order fish but didn't think that I would like black pepper sting ray, so I opted for prawns instead. I thought of ordering 1 prawn dish, 1 chicken dish and 1 beef dish and I just asked the waitress what is nice. 

These were what we had:

halal casa bom vento joo chiat
Halal Peranakan Restaurant Singapore : Casa Bom Vento; Joo Chiat

This is beef (or is it mutton?) hmm.. can't recall but this was my favorite dish on that day, tender oh so tender meat in a stew that is sweet but not over powering.

halal food blog singapore nyonya food
Halal Peranakan Restaurant in Singapore - Casa Bom Vento; Joo Chiat

My second favorite dish was the prawns. Its the first time I eat prawns cooked this way, the prawns were juicy and lightly paired with mild coconut gravy. Finger licking!

halal restaurants singapore food blog
Halal Peranakan Restaurant Singapore - Casa Bom Vento @ Joo Chiat Road

This dish is mainly for the husband, something like ayam masak lemak but stronger spices and less coconut milk, doesn't taste like curry though it looked like curry. Overall an ok dish but I still prefer the beef haha.

nyonya food in singapore
Halal Peranakan Restaurant in Singapore - Casa Bom Vento @ Joo Chiat Road

A vegetable dish that we will always order when dining in a nyonya / peranakan restaurant is the brinjals. This dish was simple and light but well executed.

singapore best halal cendol
Halal Cendol in Singapore @ Casa Bom Vento; Joo Chiat Road

This is as usual hubby's order, I didn't really eat much of this since my tummy was super full by then. No complaints about the cendol either. 

Overall dining here was a pleasant experience and the food didn't disappoint. It was a different experience from our normal eats but still enjoyable, would definitely be back some other time :)

Map of Casa Bom Vento:

Call them @ (+65) 6440 0196

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