Saturday, June 1, 2013

Aktiviti Cuti Sekolah: Funimal ZOOliday @ Festival City

aktiviti cuti sekolah festival city
KL kids June school holidays activity: Funimal ZOOliday at Festival City

Last Saturday, out of the blue hubby offered to bring us to Festival City (for the first time ever). I have always wanted to check Festival City out since it's quite near Sentul but hubby usually will decline since he thinks the crowd would be bad as Festival City is right smack in the middle of Setapak, Wangsa Maju and Gombak -all high density areas- and hubby really dislike spending his weekend in a crowded place. So, it was with a dancing heart I accepted his offer :)

While going around Festival City, we chanced upon a holiday event by Zoo Negara named "Funimal Zooliday". Basically, it's an outreach program by Zoo Negara time to coincide with the June school holidays in Kuala Lumpur. 

june school holiday events kuala lumpur
Aktiviti Cuti Sekolah di Festival City

Nothing much except for Zoo Negara souvenirs, a face painting booth and some stuffed animal exhibits with some bites of information regarding the animals. There are also some activities but these have specific time slots, maybe you can time your visit to coincide with the timings. 

holiday activities for kids in kl
He wanted me to take his picture but then refuses to stay still :)

My kids being animal fanatics, loved it and refused to go out even after going through the small area 3 times and back. Maybe, its like a consolation to them for not being able to go to the real Zoo Negara :) well at least it's air-conditioned and we don't have to walk much haha.. 

holiday in kl june 2013
Can you spot the puma? It's so black , it' blends in with the carpet ..

They also loved Festival City because of the cheap toy shop that sells the China toys at the second floor opposite Little House (kids clothes boutique). Of course, since we spend such a long time there, I didn't tell them about a small indoor play area just beside Parkson at the second floor too. Maybe next time :) 

For those interested in the Zoo Negara kids holiday activities at Festival City, below are the details: 

kl kids holiday activities in malls
KL kids holiday activity: Funimal Zooliday at Festival City 

Just in case you can't see the details clearly