Sunday, May 26, 2013

Dumex Dugro Malaysia (Second Sponsored Post)

(This is a sponsored post of Dumex Dugro courtesy of Nuffnang MY)

It's been a wonderful 5 years since I first became a mommy. My kids are now 5 and 3 years old. I love my kids very much and I have always wanted the best for them. Each kid is unique and what works best for one may not work best for the other. What works for one stage may not work for the next.

As the kids have started their kindergarten and the school is accepting more students, I find that my concerns for them have been re-prioritised. I am concerned about their intellectual development as I want my kids to excel academically so that they can get into a good school later on. I try to help out at home to reinforce what the teacher has taught at school. I play word games with my kids whenever we are waiting for food at the restaurants. I use marbles to help my kids visualize math problems whenever we are doing maths exercises.

I am concerned about their physical development as a good brain is in a good body and I need them to be active so that their brains will continue to develop as well (side tracking here but there is an excellent article on what's good for the brain is good for the body here).

I am concerned about their immune system as I don't want them to easily fall sick whenever a bug / virus is going around. It always break my heart whenever my kids are down with something, whenever their body burn like fire fighting off some bug and whenever they toss and turn at night uncomfortably. 

That is why I find the newly relaunched Dumex Dugro 5 P©werNutri which focuses on the 5 developmental priorities of growing up children which are brain development, bones development, digestion, immunity and vitality extremely appealing. It seems to address all my concerns and more. The growing up milk powder is also available in several variants:

  • Regular variant with the goodness of milk, 0% sucrose and high in Vitamin C to aid iron absorption
  • Honey Date variant: 0% sucrose with the goodness of honey and real extract of the power fruit dates. High in Viamin B complex that aids nervous system maintenance, formation of antibodies and building immunity.
  • Chocolate Strawberry variant : yummy chocolate with extract of real strawberries with 30% lower sucrose than previous formulation. It is also rich in Vitamin A, C & E.

Dumex Dugro 5 P©wer Nutri is also available in Fruits & Veg and Multi Grains. 

formula milk brands
Dumex Dugro 5 P©wer Nutri in Honey Date Variant

growing up milk malaysia
Dumex Dugro 5 P©wer Nutri in Chocolate Strawberry Variant

I bought two packets of Dumex Dugro 5 P©wer Nutri in Chocolate Strawberry and Fruits & Veg to try out. I introduced the Chocolate Strawberry to my 3 years old first and he really liked it. I liked it too    (yes I am one of those parents who taste their kids' milk haha) The chocolate is light and the strawberry taste is just the right hint to add some sweetness without overkill. Kind of like hot milo with just the right hint of sugar. (yes... I like my milo either plain or with just a hint of sugar) mommy like son. 

Aside from all the nutritional goodness of the growing up milk, I also like the fact that Dumex Dugro 5 P©wer Nutri comes in a packet instead of a can so that you can cut down on your carbon footprint, that the price for the growing up milk is very pocket-friendly and the formula is a result of extensive research by their dedicated scientists coupled with consultations with paediatricians and nurses around the world Now, that is quality assured to me J

Dumex Dugro Malaysia is launching a contest on their facebook page. Play a simple game and you get a chance to win 1 month supply of  Dumex Dugro 5 P©wer Nutri (Regular / Honey Date / Chocolate Strawberry) Details as per below:

I tried the contest and it was quite fun once you get used to the keyboard keys to press. 

Contest Details: Dugro 5 P©wer Nutri Music Jam
§  Terms and Conditions: Refer game tab
§  Prizes: 1 month supply of Dugro ( equals to 4 packs, only applicable to Dugro Asli, Madu Kurma dan Coklat Strawberi)
§  Contest Period: 23rd  April – 3rd June

Dumex Malaysia is also running a promotion "Buy 2 packs of Dumex Dugro 5 P©wer Nutri (Regular/Honey Date/Chocolate Strawberry) and get one free acrylic star bowl (available at all major retail outlets except Tesco).

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Dumex Dugro 5 P©wer Nutri

Find out more about Dumex Malaysia at their website here and their facebook page here.