Sunday, May 19, 2013

KL Kids : Weekend Water Play @ Publika Playground

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KL Kids: Weekend @ Publika Mall

It's the weekend again and mummy needs to do a spot of groceries shopping but the kids need to expend their bountiful energy. I wasn't in the mood to drive to Mutiara Damansara as parking is horrendous during weekend and KLCC is just a no-no. So, we headed to Publika. The kids been here a few times and hubby and I like to eat here sometimes though we keep the groceries shopping at B.I.G to a minimal since its quite expensive. 

Publika is quite convenient to us in terms of location and amenities, there's a variety of eating places, there's an outdoor playground @ The Park, an indoor playground (Jkids), there is a super market and a surau. The downside of it is it's super confusing car park, lack of baby room, Toys R Us and Mothercare (or any shop that sells kids clothing (boys 4 years onwards to be exact). 

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KL Kids : Playing at Publika Playground

Arriving at Publika, the kids remembered the park right away and asked to go there (funny they didn't request for JKids) the outdoor playground is just beside the korean restaurant called (Namoo On The Park) the playground is not very shaded and since most of the equipments are from metal, it's advisable to go only when its cool and nice. I didn't plan to take any picture actually but yesterday there were a few people snapping pictures at the park (I understand mothers with kids but girls in their twenties? hmm.. and also a couple for a wedding photo shoot?) It kind of hampered playing with my kids at the park cos we have to consciously try not to get in their "shot" but when I was playing hide and seek with my kids at the Publika playground and accidentally step on the fountain "on/off" control, I let my 3 year old play with the fountain and a lady came by and took a picture of him playing with the fountain and I thought "if someone is blogging about the Publika park with my kid's picture, I might as well do it too." 

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KL Kids : Having fun with the monkey bars @ Publika Mall

So, above are pictures of the Publika Playground, its a small playground but my kids seem to like it very much. That's great for us since its free haha.. my 3 year old also like the water fountains / shower but there is no changing room provided so you would have to bring a towel and either be very thick skinned like me and change your son there or walk to the wash room inside the Publika mall. Come on Sundays am and enjoy their Sunday Wheelie, it's an event where they close all the inner roads at Publika Mall for the kids to run, cycle and just enjoy walking around the mall (I haven't participate yet as we tend to sleep in on Sundays :) but google "Publika Wheelie Sundays" and you will see some blog postings. Looks quite fun with nasi lemak stalls and music for aerobics as well :) Maybe, one of these weekend, we might just go :)

Wheelie Sundays @ Publika Mall