Thursday, May 9, 2013

Halal Food at Changi Airport Terminal 1 Transit Area / Departure Lounge

Air Asia -yet again- since it's the only budget carrier that can be booked online less than 24 hours prior to departure. Rudely shocked at the check in counter though that separate bookings can not combine luggage allowance. Oh My God! What kind of rule is that especially since it is pretty clear that we are travelling as a a family? With combined allowance we were only 2 kg over but with separate baggage allowance since one bag is medium sized and the other is small, we were about 6kg over. How do we transfer 4kg of stuff into the smaller bag when both bags are full? I was fuming mad with the lady for being such a stickler and after trying to rearrange the kids toys we just decided to pay the SGD23/kg excess baggage fee. But, I still felt that she is being unreasonable so I told her that we have always been travelling with separate bookings and combined luggage allowance and it never mattered and 2 kg over is a matter of discretion especially for the last flight out where plane load is not full. And the lady said "No, Ma'am, I can't combine baggage allowance because of the system and yes, 1 kg over is ok but 2 kg is not." I felt like hurling expletives at her at that moment but decided it's not worth it. Then she said I will put in baggage allowance of 15kg for your son's booking which is together with yours so that you only need to pay SGD45 instead of SGD 138 excess baggage fee. At that point of time, I was quite relieved that I kept my lid on instead of screaming at her face earlier. So, for those travelling with Air Asia, do take note of this "no combined baggage allowance for separate booking rule". 
My kiddo with Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf's chocolate cake

After going through the customs, we were feeling quite hungry but I don't think the kids were in the mood for Texas Chicken so we headed for Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf cafe just behind the immigration counters. My first son wanted donuts but there weren't any at Coffee Bean so we ordered chocolate cake instead, since it was late at night, we got a complimentary slice with our purchase :)

My Turkey Bacon Sandwich at Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf Singapore Airport T1

I wanted a quick sandwich so I ordered a turkey bacon sandwich and the kids had spaghetti while hubby ordered linguine carbonara. It was a quick meal since we only had 20 minutes to spare before boarding and Air Asia gate is always at the end of Terminal 1. 

Halal Food at Singapore Airport Terminal 1

Halal Restaurant at Singapore Airport Terminal 1

Food was average but filling, we are just happy that there is a halal restaurant at the transit area of Singapore Airport Terminal 1. For first time visitors to Singapore, do note that not all eating places in Singapore is halal. The stalls are halal only of it is owned by a Muslim or it carries the MUIS "halal" logo as per below pic: 

Halal Restaurants in Singapore not owned by a Muslim must have this logo by  Islamic Religious Council of Singapore

  To know a list of halal eateries at Singapore Airport, check out the airport website here