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Halal Thai Restaurant @ Singapore Changi Airport Terminal 2 : Central Thai

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Halal Thai Restaurant : Central Thai @ Changi Airport T2

Last weekend, we tried out a halal certified Thai restaurant at Singapore Changi Airport Terminal 2. The restaurant is called Central Thai, while waiting to be seated, we also noticed that another halal restaurant called "Penang Culture" is slated to be opened in May 2013 (we are assuming end May since it was already first week of May then). Hubby is a fan of Penang Culture @ Century Square and seems happy that it is opening an outlet at Terminal 2.

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First time trying out a Pomelo Salad @ Central Thai

Why did we decide to try out Central Thai, err.. because I am a nosy parker and I stumbled upon a friend's FB post, she said that it was nice and when we were there, we also bumped into another old acquaintance that was having dinner (for the first time too) at Central Thai and she also said that the food there is nice. Central Thai was pretty jam-packed during dinner time and when we came at 9.00pm Saturday evening, the dinner crowd was just easing.

I decided to be adventurous and ordered a pomelo salad instead of my usual mango salad. It is basically pomelo sliced into thick chunks and dripped with an oil+ chilli base with peanuts and blanched prawns tossed in. It was sweet (pomelo), spicy (chilli) sour (must be the limes) and crunchy (peanuts) at the same time. It would have been lovely has it not been for a particular bitter taste that I can't put my finger on every time I bite into something.

halal restaurants singapore
Singapore Halal Food: Central Thai's Seafood Tom Yum

halal singapore
Singapore Halal Food : Seafood Tom Yum @ Changi Airport Terminal 2

When eating in a Thai restaurant, a tom yum is a must for us, so we ordered the seafood tom yum. The Tom Yum came in a hot pot (the flames went out less than 3 minutes on our table) and was very mild. The seafood was generous but the tom yum soup was lacking punch a bit on the watery side in my opinion. Nice to slurp but absolutely tasteless when eaten with rice.

halal restaurants singapore
Halal Singapore: Pandan Chicken @ Central Thai

Pandan chicken used to be hubby's favorite dish though I am not partial to this dish as I don't like chicken flesh that much. It has been a long time since I last ate this dish so I can't really compare it with others. All I know is that the chicken is not crispy, doesn't seemed to have any spice / marinade and the chili sauce made it tolerable. 

halal thai singapore
Halal Singapore: Butter Prawns @ Central Thai Singapore Airport

Butter Prawns was the only decent dish of the night, the floss was creamy and when you bite the bird's eyes chillies.. the spiciness level is searing.. unfortunately, the prawns have rather thin shells that cling to the flesh thus making de-shelling them a chore. (I don't like eating prawns with their shells)

iced lemon tea
Thai Lemon Tea @ Central Thai

Drinks were limited to the safe "Iced Lemon Tea" though we didn't even finished it as the tea was the strong thai tea and not the normal out of the can lemon tea like Season's or Pokka. So, if you like strong Thai tea, you will like this drink but we don't quite favor it. 

Hubby also ordered Iced Kachang with Vanilla Ice Cream (which I didn't take a picture of) hubby liked it while I find the condiments (the green cha cha, the red beans and the black cincau) to be stripped of flavor, depending a lot on the vanilla ice cream to lend its sweetness and creaminess to the whole Ice Kachang.. for someone who likes the "kachang" part more than the "Ice", this dessert is a let down for me.

Overall verdict? Not coming back anytime soon. Will pick Penang Culture over this place anytime but will consider if there is no other place to head for. 

Central Thai is at Changi Airport Terminal 2,
Level 3, Viewing Mall (Public Area)

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