Sunday, May 26, 2013

First Google AdSense Pay Out

This is my 300th post, so I thought I should update about how my blog is going about financially just for my record. There are a lot of blogs out there that talk about how to make money with blogging but not many of them actually highlighting that making money through blogging takes hard work and at least 1 - 2 years before you see a reasonable amount of traffic and some earnings unless you are the sort who writes about everything and anything under the sun 20 times a day without fail. Please don't try and take the easy way out of copying and pasting other bloggers posts so that you can have a lot of posts without much hard work. It infuriates the blogger that sweats out to post original content and dampens his / her spirit. In terms of blogging "copy and paste" is not the same as "sharing is caring" if you like the article enough to share, please hit the facebook share button or google+ button. That is much appreciated. 

When I first started out blogging, I tried adsense and Nuffnang SG. I chose adsense mainly because adsense googlebots has the ability to place contextual ads based on the topic that  I am writing and also interest-based ads that has no connection with whatever  I am writing but is there because apparently you have searched / browsed something related to it on your computer before. For example, you might be reading my review of a restaurant in Kuala Lumpur but google adsense is showing an ad about free background music because you have searched for "free background music for youtube videos" 2 hours before. Genius isn't it? That is also the main reason why my blog is in English even though my main readers are Malaysian and I am sure that if I write a lot of posts in Malay, my unique audience per day will also rise significantly. As googlebots capability -at this moment- to understand Malay is quite limited, the contextual and interest-based ads capabilities are some what handicapped. 

I also dropped Nuffnang SG after 1 month cos I didn't know that Nuffnang MY operates differently from Nuffnang SG and you can't run both at the same time. 

How is my Google Adsense earnings? Not very much I would say, I only hit the payout threshold (USD100) after 16 months.  Based on my current adsense earnings, I am estimating to hit my next payout threshold in 10 months. An increase yes, but I would of course like it to be more. 

My Nuffnang MY earnings on the hand, my Cost-Per-Click campaign for 9 months totalled RM12.40,  and Cost Per Unique visit RM0.06.. it was quite a damper for me, but then out of the blue came a sponsored post assignment with a payout of RM690 and I am like wow.. suddenly my Nuffnang MY earnings overtook my google adsense earnings. After the sponsored posts assignments came 2 blogbuster campaign proposal but my readership is still quite small so I don't think a lot of people will view my videos :) and since I am a mom of two small kids staying in Kuala Lumpur away from family support, I can't really participate in all the exciting Nuffnang MY events that would open up more doors for me as a blogger. Nevertheless, I am quite happy with Nuffnang MY at this moment. 

After 2 years of blogging and with views per month of 25k-30k, I realize that the hard work must continue before my blog become a dependable sideline income for me :)

Here's looking forward to share more of ponderings, information and adventures with all of you and hopefully more income from adsense and Nuffnang MY :) 

Below is my first cheque from adsense which I banked into my POSB account just like any normal cheque:

buat duit dengan blogging
Making money with blogging through Adsense

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