Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Children Music School : Seimpi Music School

Kids Music School in Pasir Ris 

I have always been interested in a music school for my child, nothing too serious but just to give him an exposure as he really seems interested in all kinds of musical instruments. From trumpets to clarinets, drums to bongos, guitars to double base, anything that hoots, toots or groove any kind of tune, he is immediately drawn to it. Unfortunately, the only music programme for toddlers that I know of for under two years old was Kindermusik and since Kindermusik in Singapore is only offered in certain Montessori schools and requires parent participation, I didn't get a chance to enrol him in that. 

Now that my son is bigger and his younger brother is not too attached to me anymore, I am starting to consider enrolling him in a kids music school as I really think that music is good for self confidence, coordination and language skills. My toddler picks up a lot of  new words from all the songs that he hears from kids educational programmes such as "Dinosaur Train", "Dora The Explorer" and "The Backyardigans"  and he speaks in proper sentences too. 

One of the children music school in Singapore that I happen to chance upon is Seimpi School of Music at White Sands Shopping Center at Pasir Ris. Seimpi School of Music is at the top level of White Sands Shopping Centre. I was quite interested in the music school as it states that it takes kids from as small as 4 months old but when I enquired about it, the girl in the music school said that the Pasir Ris branch do not run the music programme for babies 4 months old. Oh well, my youngest son is coming to two years old anyway so I asked for their music programmes suitable for my kids age. 

Seimpi School of Music's programmes for toddlers are as such:

MIM Jump Start for ages 12 - 23 months

Duration of Course: Up to 1 year
Lesson Duration: 45 mins, once a week
Students Per Class: 10 (with parents' participation)
Course Fee : (please check with the centre but should be about the same as MIM Playtime)

Lesson includes: infant games and play songs, pitch training, speed reading, eye / ear training, rhythmic training, vocalisation, music perception and music analysis.

MIM Playtime for ages 2 years old

Duration of Course: 1 year
Lesson Duration: 45 mins, once a week
Students Per Class : 8 (with parents' participation)
Course Fee: $107 (normal teacher) $117.70 (senior teacher) 
$139.10 (Master Teacher) $160.50 (Master Trainer)

Lesson uses colorful flashcards, educational toys, percussion instruments, keyboards and other teaching aids to expose children to different instrumental sounds, encouraging early note-reading, rhythmic training, aural training, concentration training, memory training, keys recognition and perfect/ relative pitch training.

MIM in Me for ages 3 years old

Duration of Course: 1 year
Lesson Duration: 1 hour, once a week
Students Per Class : 8 (with parents' participation)
Course Fee: $117.70 (normal teacher) $128.40 (senior teacher)
$149.80 (master teacher) $171.20 (master trainer)

Lesson builds upon teaching concepts used in MIM Playtime and includes learning to play piano with proper piano playing techniques also incorporate kinesthetic and analytical memory training and prepares students for the next level MIM Encore.

MIM Encore for ages 4-7 years old

Duration of Course: 6 months preparatory course, 1 year Encore, Individual thereafter
Lesson Duration: 1 hour, once a week
Students per Class: 6 (regular parents' participation recommended)
Course Fee: Please refer to centre

Lesson builds upon earlier courses and endeavours to cultivate in students the discipline and love for playing piano and prepares students to lead into ABRSM Grade 1 exam.

All information above are based on their brochure given to me when I enquired regarding their programmes at December 2011. Hope the above information helps you as much as it helped me.