Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Indonesian Food: Wong Solo

We had lunch at an Indonesian restaurant called Wong Solo with my mother-in-law and sister-in-law when they visited us last two days. The original plan was to try out Nasi Padang Kg Baru but we came a bit late so most of the dishes are finished. 

Though the exterior of the Indonesian restaurant looks like its a small eating place, once you step inside, you will see that it's actually quite spacious. Most patrons are Indonesians and some locals. Hubby ordered the set (not sure which one as I came into the restaurant late tending to my kiddo)

These were what we had:

Ikan Lele - Crispy Fried Catfish

Ikan Lele is one dish that I quite favor as I like the tender flesh of the catfish, though not everyone like it's taste as it is a mild freshwater fish. Wong Solo's Ikan Lele is crispy fried and very tasty, the spices used to marinate this fish gives this fried fish a bit of a kick instead of being bland. 

Fried Chicken

Chicken is hubby's favorite meat though I myself am not a big fan of fried chicken and I find Wong Solo's fried chicken to be quite fatty under the crispy batter.

Ayam Bakar Wong Solo - Indonesian Style Grilled Chicken
Indonesian styled Grilled Chicken is also one of  hubby's favorite dish, even though it looked kind of burnt, the meat is still tender and quite tasty too.


Gado-gado is essentially some boiled potatoes, sliced fried tempe and some salad topped with spicy peanut sauce and keropok. I love gado-gado but this dish was meant for my mom-in-law, so I tasted a bit of it only. The sauce is a tad too spicy for my liking. 

Stir Fried Broccoli

Stir Fried broccoli, nothing outstanding but edible and no complaints, enough said.

My Teh Tarik and Soda Gembira
Teh tarik was average for me, maybe a bit weak on the tea leaves. Soda Gembira is essentially rose syrup and Ice Cream Soda.

Indonesian Food in KL :Wong Solo's exterior

In conclusion, Wong Solo Indonesian Restaurant at Kg Baru is good place to head to if you are looking for simple and tasty Indonesian fare, I think it is quite popular too judging from the patrons (mostly families) that were coming in when we were dining there.Parking as usual is an issue. 

Hmm.. we stop by again a few weeks later for a late lunch at 3.00pm and the place was packed. Seems like this is one popular Indonesian restaurant here with the locals. This time around we had the following dishes:

Grilled Chicken - yummy!

Empal Sapi

Sup Tulang - Oxtail soup

Terung Balado - Spicy Fried Aubergine

Food was delicious, we especially loved the empal sapi (spiced fried beef) which was succulent and creamy. The grilled chicken was tender and rich in flavour, while the aubergine was not too spicy though I would have liked it better if the eggplant was slightly more tender. My only gripe was the soup which was thin and a tad too salty for my liking. 

Drinks were:

Coconut Drink

Fruit Punch which my second son enjoyed very much but was a bit sweet for me. 

Will we come again to this Indonesian restaurant? You betcha! Good food and fast service, price is mid range too. Easy parking at the parking lot 2 stores down at a small fee.

Map of Wong Solo at Kg Baru:

No 57 Jalan Raja Alang Kg Baru
50300 KL

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